Cocktail Glass Buying Guide

Your stylish and fully-stocked bar starts here! Not only do we offer every type of cocktail glass under the sun, but we also offer an array of designs to suit the mood of even the pickiest mixologist. Whether you keep it simple with scotch or get fancy with a Flaming Moe, you’ll find the ideal glass for every occasion.


A Cocktail Glass Guide for Everything

1. Brandy Glass
Also referred to as a “snifter,” Brandy glasses have a wide bottom and narrow brim for concentrating the aromas of your preferred fortified or aged liquors. Swirl a small amount and then inhale deeply for a transcendent taste experience.

2. Highball
A traditional Highball cocktail is a mix of Scotch whiskey and carbonated soda. Nowadays, the Highball glass is also regal receptacle for a Bloody Mary, Gin and Tonic or Shirley Temple.

3. Martini Glass
Everything is more elegant when served in a Martini glass, but it’s especially designed for aromatic cocktails. The wide, flat expanse of liquid at the top releases scents more efficiently to the nose; the long stem keeps warm hands away from your chilled beverage.

4. Double Old Fashioned
Let’s mix a Mojito! Our Double Old Fashioned glasses provide a wide rim and hefty base for plenty of room when muddling fresh herbs and spices. Plus, they’re sturdy enough for all of your on-the-rocks favorites.

Discover our extensive selection of wine and beer glasses to complete your barware collection!

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