Easy Christmas DIY Gift: Rosemary Christmas Tree

Miranda Anderson

Do you feel the excitement in the air? The holidays are a time for celebration and reflection; joy and gathering. On a personal level, this season has also always inspired me to get creative and make things. Whether working on handmade stockings or simply tying beatiful bows on gifts, I love adding a personal Christmas DIY touch to the festivities.

These little fresh rosemary Christmas trees are a very simple Christmas DIY project. They not only add a beautiful touch of fresh greenery to the table, but they also give off a beautiful fragrance! Rosemary is readily available as a fresh herb, and grows wild in many parts of the country (I snipped these branches from my back yard!); the trees truly feel authentically festive.

Easy DIY Gift: Rosemary Christmas Tree - Discover, A World Market Blog

These Christmas DIY mini trees look beautiful on their own, or in sets along a tabletop or mantel. They would also make excellent gifts for teachers, neighbors, or friends that can be given early in the season and enjoyed all month long.

How to Make a DIY Rosemary Christmas Tree

You’ll need:

  • Ceramic mason jar
  • 2 brown paper bags
  • 1 piece of 12-inch floral wire
  • Small styrofoam egg
  • A handful of moss
  • A handful of fresh rosemary, about 36-48 inches total
  • Red twine or decorative ribbon

Easy DIY Gift: Rosemary Christmas Tree - Discover, A World Market Blog


1. To begin, crumple one of the paper bags and stuff it into the bottom of the jar.

2. Thread the floral wire through the bottom of the styrofoam egg, about one inch from the bottom.

3. Twist the wire at the bottom, securing in place.

4. Wrap the long ends of the wire around the second crumpled bag.

5. Stuff the second bag, with the egg attached to the top, into the jar, adjusting until the egg is centered.

6. Fill around the edges of the egg with moss until surrounded completely. 

7. Cut the rosemary branches into 2- to 3-inch pieces.

8. Choose one tip to serve as the point of the tree and stick it into the top of the egg.

9. Start adding small branches near the top, making sure you add the branches with the leaves heading away from the egg.

10. Stick branches in a circular formation, filling in the shape of a tree.

11. As needed, peel back greenery from the branches to make them the correct length to achieve a tree shape.

12. After about one third of the top is finished, start at the bottom placing branches at a 90-degree angle from the center line of the egg, forming the bottom branches of the tree.

13. Continue filling in the egg, adding branches going up and down in circles until the styrofoam is covered and the tree looks finished.

14. Add a length of red twine or decorative ribbon wrapped a couple times around the jar and secured with a knot.

Easy DIY Gift: Rosemary Christmas Tree - Discover, A World Market Blog

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  • Amy

    I love this idea and your instructions are very simple and easy to follow. I look forward to doing this at my home.


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