Christmas Decorating With Retro Toys

Mariah Leeson

One of the joys of Christmas is sharing traditions and memories with your loved ones. Do you remember that special toy that made the world light up when you discovered it on Christmas morning? Remember not letting it out of your sight and spending hours and hours playing with it? This year I want to share some of my favorite toys as a child with my own children. I not only wanted to give them a chance to experience and play with them, but I wanted to incorporate some of those familiar toys and sweet memories into our play room Christmas decor.

Christmas Decorating With Retro Toys - Discover, a blog by World Market

I started with this fun and whimsical slinky wreath. This is one of those easy projects you could easily complete in just a few minutes. To make your own Slinky Wreath, here is what you’ll need:

  • Slinky
  • Shatter-proof ornaments in a variety of sizes
  • Ribbon

Pull one end of the slinky up and start filling it with the ornaments. I discovered that it was easier to work with the slinky and ornaments by gluing a round piece of paper to one end of the slinky so the ornaments didn’t keep spilling out.

Once you have filled up the slinky with the ornaments, bring each end of the slinky together and remove the piece of paper you glued in earlier. Then, take floral wire and carefully wrap the two ends together to secure the wreath. I wrapped a piece of ribbon around the slinky to hide the floral wire.

I decided to hang the slinky wreath from the giant chalkboard in my kids play room. Due to the nature of the slinky you’ll need to be extra careful with this next step. I laid my chalkboard on the ground and then transferred the slinky wreath to the chalkboard. Hang the wreath with a ribbon from the top of the chalkboard.

Christmas Decorating With Retro Toys - Discover, a blog by World Market

Now, here is the tricky part: once you stand up the chalk board, the slinky will stretch and pull toward the ground. To avoid this I used a small piece of Gorilla Glue Duct Tape to tape the top, bottom and each side of the slinky to the chalkboard.

I love collecting vintage toys and it’s even more fun to see my kids actually playing with and enjoying them. This year, I incorporated them along with some of the retro toys I picked out. I used an old soda crate for our white table top tree. The kids and I decorated it with colorful ornaments that matched the ones used in the slinky wreath and filled the crate with some of our favorite toys.

The View-Master was probably one of my favorite toys as a child.  It was even more fun to watch my son light up when he discovered the slides were all about dinosaurs! Some of our favorite retro toys include the classic Golden Books, Bingo, Gumby and Pokey and the Fisher Price Two Tune TV.

These retro toys are the perfect addition for the fun and playful Christmas decor in my kids playroom. Plus, they are filled with sweet memories, both new and old, for me and my children.


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