Choose the Right Tea for You. Pinkies Up!

From Britain to Bangladesh and beyond, tea is the most-consumed beverage in the world. It’s no wonder—the health benefits of tea have been proven time and again. In fact, even die-hard coffee lovers are incorporating tea into their routines as a delicious way to build energy, release toxins or soothe frazzled nerves.

But how do you find the right tea for you? We’ve made it easy with our at-a-glance guide.

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Extremely low in caffeine, this minimally processed tea is delicate, soothing and light in color (and great for releasing toxins).

Green tea is minimally processed and unfermented—and it’s also known for myriad health benefits including assisting with weight loss, high antioxidant levels and providing clear energy without the jitters.

This semi-fermented tea is prized for its complex flavors. It provides long-lasting energy and mental alertness.

Black tea is an excellent transitional tea if you’re looking to cut out coffee. It’s highly processed and the most caffeinated, so you won’t miss your morning burst of energy.

This fermented tea delivers unique earthy flavors, and it may contribute to lower cholesterol.

Chamomile, mint, ginger—these are all herbal teas (or “tisanes”) and you can find one to suit almost every health need. Chamomile soothes, mint awakens and ginger calms the stomach. There are even berry teas with a variety of flavors.

Try them all to find what suits you best!


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