Our Cherry Blossom Dinnerware Celebrates Sakura Season

Journey to Japan in the spring and you’ll be greeted with a profusion of cherry blossoms in every park, square and preserve. Known as “sakura,” these beloved pink and white cherry blossoms are a symbol of clouds (due to their puffy qualities), and they represent the ephemeral quality of beauty, life and the soul.

Inspired by the beauty of these bountiful blooms, we designed this Cherry Blossom Dinnerware collection. Made in Japan of stoneware with a handcrafted cherry blossom print and bright blue glaze finish, each piece is style and function wrapped into one.

Our Cherry Blossom Dinnerware Celebrates Sakura Season - Discover, A World Market Blog

Each piece is created by pat printing, a method of machine decorating done by a silicon pat for uniformity of look across the designs.

Our Cherry Blossom design is structured by layering two colors and requires two passes to create a permanent backstamp. The look recreates the feel of hand painting quickly, affordably and more durably than other methods for dinnerware with an Asian aesthetic that lasts and lasts.

Ready to revel in Japan’s signature spring look? Shop our Cherry Blossom Collection, here.


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