7 Steps to Hosting a Charity Party with a Purpose

If you’ve been especially blessed this year, hosting a charity party with purpose might be just the right way to pay it forward. Paula of Frog Prince Paperie says hosting a charity party doesn’t have to be more complicated than throwing any other party in your home. “Most people enjoy giving back and coming together for the greater good of the community,” she says. From start to finish, she breaks down seven easy steps for hosting a party with a purpose below.

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Pulling Off a Charity Party

Step 1: Set a goal
Whether it’s raising $1,000 for a non-profit organization or collecting a set number of gifts for kids in need, begin your party planning with a firm goal.

Step 2: Set expectations with your invitation
If you’re collecting donations from every guest to reach a goal, make this crystal clear in the invitation.

Step 3: Make the invitation personal
Handwritten invitations or invites with a personal note attached show your guests that their donation and their presence mean a lot to you and your cause.

Party With a Purpose via Frog Prince Paperie - Discover, a blog by World Market

Step 4: Plan a party that’s manageable for you
Plan your party for what you can reasonably do within your space and budget. The most important thing is reaching your fundraising goal, so it’s OK that you can only throw a party for 10 people—especially if it means you’ll stay within budget.

Step 5: Don’t forget about the fun details!

Choose a theme and go from there. “For our party, a rustic chalkboard spelled out the theme, cranberry champagne cocktails were dressed with rosemary stirrers in gold covered glasses, and the hot chocolate had chocolate spoons to make the rich cocoa even more special. All of these additions required little effort on my part, but certainly made the party pieces pop,” says Paula.

Step 6: Tie the party and purpose together with a fun activity
Paula recommends doing something related to the group you are benefiting to give your guests a touch point with the organization.

Party With a Purpose via Frog Prince Paperie - Discover, a blog by World Market

Step 7: Keep track of donations and follow-up with Thank You notes
Throughout the party, make a list of donors and amounts given. Show your gratitude for each guest’s donation and presence with a thank you note from the heart. Don’t forget to tell them the results of the party!

Want to see more of Paula’s ‘party with a purpose’ ideas? Read more on her blog here!

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