How to Carve a Mid-Century-Inspired Pumpkin Pattern

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Is there anything more autumn than spotting the twinkling of a unique pumpkin pattern on someone’s front stoop? Hay bales, changing leaves…it’s finally that time of year, and we want the works! Yes fall, we’ve been waiting for you and it’s time to celebrate with pumpkins.

While the traditional toothless-grinned jack-o-lantern is easy and fun, this year we’re armed with the World Market Pumpkin Carving Kit and we’re going to create something a little more design forward.

10_Lantern Pumpkin

Mid-century design has never really gone out of style. The streamlined and geometric patterns are classics that continue to pop up and influence new home decor looks year after year. That being said, we want to make a mid-century inspired pumpkin pattern to dress up our doorway this Halloween.

Intricate and closely placed cutouts are a breeze when you have the right tools. The serrated knife in this carving kit not only makes sharp clean angles, but also smoothly cuts round circular shapes as well. We opted for a starburst pattern to line the front of our pumpkin with tiny pin hole accents.

Pumpkin carving should be a fun activity with no stress, so if you’re feeling more freehand sketching than creating a template, you’ve got the green light! Either way, a good trick for keeping patterns even is to tie a string to the pumpkin’s stem. Swivel the thread around as you make your markings to guarantee straight lines and columns for your design.

Once you’ve cleaned all your cuts, it’s time to get your pumpkin in place and wait for the sun to go down. For this particular look we only carved out half of the pumpkin so the details would really pop against the solid candle lit background. This design flickers in style and would look stunning as a trio of different sized pumpkins grouped together.

Now go warm up that cider and head outside because it’s time to admire your own work of art!

11_Lantern Pumpkin


Cost Plus World Market Pumpkin Carving Kit

Drop Cloth or Plastic Bag


Cardboard for Stencil (Optional)


Battery Candle


  1. Using the serrated knife tool, carefully cut a circle around the top of the pumpkin stem and remove cap.
  2. With the paddle tool, scrape and remove all the seeds and fibers from the inside of the pumpkin.
  3. Take a marker and draw your stenciled look, either freehand or by making a paper cut out. A string tied to the stem of the pumpkin is an easy way to make sure that your pattern stays straight down and around the pumpkin.
  4. Cut out your pumpkin pattern with the serrated knife and poke additional pinholes using the poker tool.
  5. Add a candle, and get ready for sunset!

13_Lantern Pumpkin

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