Bubbly & Sweet: 5 Seltzer Water Drink Recipes

We teamed up with blogger Kendall Rayburn to come up with five of her favorite seltzer drink recipes. Each drink is bubbly, sweet, crisp and refreshing—and all yours for the making! Let us know which ones become your favorites and which drinks ultimately find themselves in every single one of your upcoming holiday parties.

Sparkling Raspberry

Sparkling Raspberry Fizz. Give this beautiful and delish drink a kick with a splash of your favorite vodka. (Hello, cocktail party staple.)


Sparkling Peach Berry Fizz

Sparkling Peach Berry Fizz. Sweet yet tart with yummy peach and mixed berries notes, this one’s going to be a regular at all of your upcoming Friday night shindigs.


Root Beer Float

Adult Root Beer Float. If you love root beer and whisky, you’re going to enjoy this sweet and frothy float-for-grownups drink.


Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll Cocktail. Easy to make and absolutely delicious. (And have we mentioned that it tastes just like a cinnamon roll?!?)


Black Cherry Cream

Black Cherry Cream. Rumchata Rum Cordial, your favorite vanilla ice cream, and black cherry flavors from Torani Syrup and Original New York Seltzer make this refreshing drink so sweet and creamy.


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