Bring Bohemian Chic Style to Your Room in 5 Easy Ways



1. Pick a color palette

Even though you have a lot of colors and patterns coming together in a boho-chic space, if you stick to a color palette, the overall look of the room will still feel cohesive and whole.


2. Decide on a focal point

A rug that’s hung on the wall makes a great focal point (an item that your eye sees when you first enter a space). Make sure that you choose just the right piece of decor, because it will likely set the tone and mood for the rest of the room.


3. Add texture with plants

Breathe life into a boho-chic space with a variety of plants. Place each pot in textured baskets to add personality to the space.


4. Pepper in the bling

When it comes to sheen and shine, it’s all about balance. When it comes to a boho-chic space, a hammered coffee table or a metallic decor piece is a great way to make the room sing.


5. Pick a statement piece

A single piece of decor can add a lot of drama to a lackluster space. You’ll know you’ve found your statement piece when you can’t stop talking about where you got it or what you love about it, and how good it makes you feel.



  • cheryl deee

    I’m not crazy about the colors, but it would probably be fabulous at night…dimmed lights, candles, etc. Boho is a very personal style of decorating. You may go over the top, but it is YOUR top. I like it.

  • Lisa

    I agree with some of the other commentators–there’s no focal point. It’s because the scale of the furniture is out of sync–the papasan chair is awkwardly placed and overwhelms everything else.

  • Bonnie Kelm

    Some nice elements, but as an artist & designer,it’s all a bit too much. There is no focal point! It’s too busy. You don’t know where to look first and the couch! Instead of looking inviting, there are so many pillows on it it looks like there would be no place to sit! She definitely needs to learn the fine art of editing to be a successful designer. In this case, less would definitely be more successful & satisfying as a room design

  • Lola

    Room looks beautiful. With home trends having white walls I am loving the blush wall. Beautiful unexpected neutral. Love everything in the room. I love bohemian style. Wish there was a world market in Brandon or Tampa.?

  • Sarah

    She is my favorite designer, very excited to see her featured!

    Justina is delightful and I love the design. Gorgeous palette with her boho flair! Anyone who has not visited the Jungalow should!

  • Eva Wild

    Not a fan of your wall color in such quantity, however clear proof that you can spin an entire room or even house from the colors already combined successfully on a piece of fabric or a piece of artwork. Loving quantities of pink on the wall is subjective – but objectively speaking, what a great room!

  • Drea

    I think they forgot to edit a pic – I love the plants and what they can do to a room! I’ve seen small or big and a few or tons and I love it either way!! What I love about bohemian are the bright colors that bounce off of drastic dark. World Market is awesome for a touch of exotic I each room.
    Love it.

    • Drea

      Oh and this color palette is more of a pastel. I’m not used to seeing these colors for bohemian like this- but I think that’s what a commenter was referring to when they said it needed help.
      Happy shopping!

  • sis

    Love world market as well!
    Glad they showcased Miss Jungalow-she has been an inspiration to many!
    WM is an inspiring and a happy shopping experience-bringing great product and ideas
    to shoppers for YEARS AND YEARS!

  • Freddy

    Amen, Lynn.

  • Lynn

    I love boho, and I love World Market. But that room is begging for a skilled designer to come fix it. The palate is solid but almost everything about the arrangement of the elements is dreadful.

    • Patrice

      ? Isn’t the young lady telling everyone that she was hired to complete the room with her inspiration of boho a professional designer

      • Chacha

        Yes she is, and she is very, very good at what she does. Check her web pg The Jungalow and see for yourself.

    • Chacha

      You should check her website The Jungalow and see for yourself how good she is.

  • Deborah A.

    I really like all the ideas. World Market is my happy place…

  • Sabine Johnson

    Love World Market and all the wonderful ideas,on how to decorate your home or apartment .Sales are always great as well.I continue to shop at world market cause it reflects my style and taste.?


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