Brandi Milloy’s Take on Terrarium Style is On-Trend

This holiday season, take your terrarium game to the next level with these unique creations by lifestyle expert Brandi Milloy (@brandimilloy). “With the right materials, anyone can make a terrarium,” she says. “It’s quite possibly the most fool-proof and fun project you can do to create something that is uniquely yours.”

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is, and get directions and inspiration.

 DIY Holiday Terrarium Centerpiece

Lumberjack Terrarium

This wonderful winter scene celebrates a hearty lumberjack, his reindeer friend and one very cute vintage camper.


What you’ll need:

  • Cardboard/Foam Core
  • Glue Dos and Glue Stick
  • Twine
  • Box Cutter and Scissors
  • Batting
  • T-Pins/Sewing Pins


1. Clean the terrarium inside and out.

2. Cut 4 pieces of cardboard or foam core: 2 pieces 5″x3″ and 2 pieces 3″x3″. This is your base for the reindeer and trailer.

3. Glue cardboard pieces together to make and elevated platform.

4. Pin the front reindeer legs to the highest edge of the cardboard.

5. Create reindeer harness with twine and tie it to the trailer.

6. Place these pieces in the terrarium using glue dots to hold the cardboard in place. Add batting to cover cardboard and create ‘landscape’.

7. Sprinkle decorative snow over batting to any level you desire. Can add rocks or moss at this point as well, if desired.


8. Final step: add lumberjack and “trees” (which are the small pinecone ornaments).

Terrariums with a Twist

A tabletop “terrarium” made with cake stands of different heights, Santa and gingerbread house ornaments and Christmas decor is a vintage-look addition to your holiday centerpiece.


1. Clean the cake stand.

2. Place ornaments or decor in a pleasing display (hint: choose items that don’t fall over easily since this isn’t encased in glass. If needed, pin or glue pieces to a cardboard base.)

3. Sprinkle a light dusting of decorative snow.

We also love the elegance of using a lantern as a terrarium, and creating a quiet forest story with reindeer and fir trees. Use each one in different rooms in your house to create a sense of surprise.


1. Clean the inside.

2. Arrange decor and ornaments inside to form a cozy look.

3. Add as much decorative snow as you like!

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