Bookshelf Styling Tips



Bookshelves are staples in living spaces. From dining rooms to studies and beyond, bookshelves have the ability to bring intimacy and a certain kind of lived in comfort to rooms. They bring personal objects, meaningful books, and lots of great texture and color to a wall.

But what about bringing this intimacy to the bedroom? Placing bookshelves on either side of a bed is one of my favorite tricks for creating a cozier bedroom, with the top of the bed enveloped in a nook of your favorite books. I recently brought this layout to my little sister’s bedroom with the help of the chic Campaign Bookshelf. The warm wood and rustic French-country style brought definition to my sister’s room, and she now loves using the bookshelves as her bedside table. It helps that she’s an avid reader, so having books by the bed is just her cup of tea, but the shelves also hold a lamp for nighttime reading, baskets for easy storage of blankets and pillows, and she can easily rest her phone (alarm clock) on the shelf while it charges overnight.



When I started styling the shelves, I placed the objects first, in an alternating pattern, to keep the design balanced and ensure that the pieces felt cohesive together. I also filled the largest shelves with the baskets, for storage on both the top and bottom shelves. Picture frames, glass boxes, lanterns, candles and vases are a great place to start when it comes to adding accessories. Books came last, and although it may be controversial, I’m partial to the paper-facing-out look, especially with a children’s or young-adult library where the covers and spines tend to be more colorful. Some book sets I stacked horizontally for variety, but it really depends on your own library. To extend the eye up for visual space, I used these organic Barcelona Vases to complete the look. The blue glass looked beautiful with the pattern on the headboard!




  • Evie

    I hadn’t thought of using bookshelves as bedside tables. Thanks for the thought and styling tips. Much more storage is achieved this way and it’s good for some of the taller beds also.

  • judith

    Beautiful job, Kevin! Your family is so lucky to have you!


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