House Tour: Julie Solomon’s Home Makeover

Blogger Julie Solomon knew she needed a bit of a home makeover when son, Camden, started to outgrow his room and, in turn, needed more space “to do his own thing” as a rambunctious three-year-old boy. She loved her home, but knew that it needed more functional areas, color, and “a little bit more plant life.” Enter Decorist designer Ashley Redmond, who transformed Solomon’s home into a more inviting, comfortable and connected abode. “Our style is bohemian for sure, with a relaxed and clean LA vibe to it,” says Solomon.

Here, the publicist/blogger takes time out of her busy schedule as mom to Camden and wife to actor Johnathon Schaech to answer a few questions about her newly-decorated nest.

WM: Out of all the new additions to your home, which piece makes you the happiest?

JS: That’s easy—the couch! My husband told me that he didn’t care about anything except a comfortable couch. We’re lounge-y couch people in our house. Thankfully, this new sectional is so comfortable and easy to wash. And the whole space feels so much more open with it around.

House Tour: Julie Solomon's Home Makeover - Discover, A World Market Blog

WM: Camden’s room went through a transformation. What do you (and Camden!) love about it now that it’s been made over?  

JS: He was SO excited to see his new room—he had the biggest smile on his face. Before, it was a baby room with a crib, neutrals and pops of baby blue. But Camden has grown a lot and was ready for more storage space. Over the years, we’ve accumulated more trains, more animals, more coloring books, more of everything! It was time to give Camden his own creative space in a functional and organized way, or, as organized as I can try and make it for an almost 3 year old. I love how the space is truly “his” now. He loves to play in there, color and do his own thing, which was really one of our main intentions for the makeover.

House Tour: Julie Solomon's Home Makeover - Discover, A World Market Blog

WM: Can you describe the planning behind the living room, which now has well-appointed spots of color and pattern?

JS: I LOVE pops of color, and although it was always my intention, I have never been able to cohesively put them together myself before. Now, I love how the living room is fun and unfussy. This home makeover made it truly a room to live in. The new Jacquard Print Upholstered Armchair gives the living room space new dimension; it’s the ‘wow’ piece, for sure, and the print is kid-friendly (it can be spot cleaned and—mom tip—the print hides dirt!).

WM: We love how the Peacock Chair is front and center in the living room…

JS: I do, too! Nothing says boho more than a peacock chair. I’m an old soul at heart and I’ve always said that I was born 65 years old. Ha! I love the whole retro 60’s and 70’s style, which is why I love the bohemian look so much.

WM: If you had to pick between a coffee table or ottoman, which would you keep? 

JS: I like how a coffee table is also an anchor piece, which is really needed in my opinion, so I would keep the coffee table. Our new coffee table is the lightest coffee table I’ve ever had. I love that is is circular (no sharp corners) and super easy to move around to create more space if needed.

House Tour: Julie Solomon's Home Makeover - Discover, A World Market Blog

WM: We love all the rug layering in the living room…

JS: I love it, too! I have to give the credit to Ashley Redmond from Decorist, who was our designer. She put all of this together, and it was her idea [to layer rugs]. I loved it the second she mentioned it. I’m really glad Ashley cut all the darkness of the floors by adding each area with layered jute rugs—they are inexpensive and durable, which as a mom, are major pluses. And they feel good on the feet—especially in a place where my son is romping around.

House Tour: Julie Solomon's Home Makeover - Discover, A World Market Blog

WM: Do you gather more as a family in the kitchen, media room or living room?

JS: Our kitchen flows into our living room, so I would say that [general] space for sure. We are lounge people. I am either ready to go to an event, or I am in sweatpants on the couch. There is no in-between!


Design credit: Ashley Redmond, Decorist Interior Designer | Photo credit: Jana Williams


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