Behind the Design: Los Muertos Skeletons


cat skeletons

Why We Love It: When you’re honoring the lives of your deceased loved ones—as one does during Dia de Los Muertos—you want to set a sincere-yet-festive tone around the home. Enter our spirited skeleton wall decor; hand carved of albesia wood from Bali, these jovial pieces are a great way to add color and cheer into any Day of the Dead setup.

Why It’s Unique: Each skeleton is hand-painted, so no two pieces are exactly alike. Each one bears the unique artistry and creative flair of its designer.

The Story: Skeletons may seem a little macabre to hang around the house, but in Mexico, skulls or “calaveras” remind the living of their dearly departed’s soul. Traditionally, skulls had the name of the deceased written on the “forehead” of the skull. A happy, smiling skull represents contentment in the afterlife and the attainment of peace.

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