A Behind the Scenes Look at ‘The Performance’

How many times can a creative team say “llama” in one reel? Many, many times, as you’ll see—and hear—in this behind-the-scenes look at the making of our holiday video, ‘The Performance.’

From fake snow and child actors to singing Christmas carols in 90-degree weather, the spirit of the holidays is alive and well here at World Market.

Watch ‘The Performance‘ and shop all-things llama in store and online!


  • Debra Ross

    Came into our WM store and saw the llama shop set with so many adorable llama items. Then saw the most heartfelt commercial from WM (that I had to share with everyone). There was even a drawing in the store for a gorgeous, high end trumpet! What a beautiful way of carrying the theme of the commercial through out this season! 🎄🎺

  • randi rabin

    You all brought my heart right into the magic of the holidays…
    Llamas and a cute boy with a loving family!
    That’s the trifecta for sure! Love, love to you World Market Crew 🙂

  • Rose L.

    I love, love, love llamas!!!. They are beautiful. Can’t wait to buy my llama at World Market.
    Thank you for the video.
    Happy Holidays!

  • Laura Z. NM

    Absolutely loved this video. Amazing that you were able to tell such an adorable story in such a short time. Actors were great. Llamas were beyond cute!!! Love, love, love it! Great job! Happy holidays to all!

  • Diane

    Thanks for ruining the magic

  • cindy

    I was truly moved by this video. I then went a grabbed everyone at work to view it and spread the holiday spirit. GREAT JOB!!!!!

  • Yvonne

    When I watched The Performance, I found mounds and mounds of tears welling up from within. When I watched the behind-the-scenes video of its creation, I was actually welling up again, because it took me back to the original emotions. Now that’s magic!! For a short video to be able to capture such feeling, is a true success. I thank all the
    highly-creative people (and llamas) who came together, working so hard and with such focus, to create a true and memorable mini-masterpiece. Just gorgeous!

  • Merri Diacogiannis

    Here in Spokane, we love World Market and we love llamas. Wonderful job!!

  • Doris Fisher

    I love the video !
    Thank you !
    World Market !

  • C Dillard

    Absolutely beautiful video. Bring us more. Felt Christmas spirit and delight of children with a goal.

    • World Market Editorial
      World Market Editorial

      We hope you have a great holiday season!

      • Elaine Overman

        As a llama owner for many years, your promo and videos are a delight. Thank you for highlighting these wonderful animals. They are a joy to own and I appreciate your theme for the holidays. It is a huge success with everyone I know excited who visit your stores and website. Bravo!


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