Blood, Guts & Gory

Our food stylist Elena Pons Craig really gets into the spirit of Halloween. She admits that although it’s a big holiday for World Market, there’s an “intense creative freedom” that comes with it, too. “With Halloween, I can be as destructive, gross, funny and out there as I like. And let’s be honest—it’s just so much fun,” she says.

As Halloween approaches and we ready our homes and kitchens for trick-or-treaters, grown-up revelers and boo-tastic monster mashes, we pressed pause on all the prepping and chatted with Elena about some of her favorite Halloween decor and baking products, and some behind-the-scenes tidbits from our spooky (and terror-ific!) Halloween catalog baking shoot.

Behind the Scenes: Halloween Baking Photo Shoot - Discover, a blog by World Market

CL: What was the inspiration behind this particular Halloween shoot?
EPC:  The production team is always very motivated by a more classic Halloween: I’m talking Frankenstein, Dracula and classic Halloween characters. That’s what we remember from our childhood and what scared us the most. I’m also inspired by mummies…and werewolves, of course!

CL: Did you guys have a cool playlist for this shoot? Anything that created a darker mood…
EPC: Ha! Each time anyone tries to play themed music, someone always comes along and switches it off. But “Thriller” did come on at one point and we all really enjoyed it. Gotta love Pandora.

CL: Whose spooky hand is that reaching for the cookie jar?
EPC: That’s the lovely hand of Miss Caroline Hall (Senior Photography Manager)! She had these ridiculously long fingernails on that our styling assistant had to file and get just right. It was a trip trying to instruct her. You’d be amazed at how difficult it is to get this kind of shot; her fingers had to bend in these weird angles and go into some pretty awkward positions just to get the right shot.

CL: What was the spookiest thing that happened at the shoot? Any paranormal activity?
EPC: No ghosts. Nothing spooky. But part of the Halloween catalog shoot took place in a graveyard, which, surprisingly, was anything but spooky. People were running and walking their dogs throughout the day, and it was across from a nursery school. The graveyard was pretty nice, actually.

Behind the Scenes: Halloween Baking Photo Shoot - Discover, a blog by World Market

CL: Let’s talk gray—or should I say pink—matter here…
EPC: Ohhhhh…I really like this Brains Cupcake Kit. For anyone out there who’s intimidated by baking, trust me—this kit takes zero skill. I could’ve handed this job off to a child. Everything you need to make the cupcakes is in the kit. And the liner is this cute apron into which you drop your cupcake. This one would be a slam dunk, easy-peasy school or party treat!

CL: Before you go, can you quickly tell us what your favorite Halloween products are from this year’s collection?
EPC: The Gingerdead Man Cookie Cutter because it’s so versatile (it’s both a stamp and cookie cutter) and easy to use, and our ceramics, like the Apothecary Treat Jar and the Spellbook Treat Jar, because if you don’t use them as intended, you can just prop them on a bookshelf or tabletop and they look great as decor. Oh—and our Bleeding Skull Candle! It looks incredible and works as advertised. I also really love the Skull Ceramic Measuring Spoons. Don’t worry—that’s fake blood on the 1/2 teaspoon.


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