Behind the Design: Sapera Mirrors

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The stunning, handcrafted design of our Sapera Mirrors reflects the singularity of the Kalbelia tribe of India. At first sight, we were drawn to the artisans’ interesting use of color and material, but when we learned about how these mirror talismans are a signifier for one of the world’s most fascinating cultures, we were convinced that the mirrors belonged in our CRAFT BY WORLD MARKET Collection.

The Kalbelia tribe are nomadic, and their traditional livelihood is snake charming. They are dedicated advocates for our no-footed friends, and they never kill snakes in their practice. Over time, the need for snake charming has subsided somewhat, and now you’ll find the Kalbelia also working in fields, creating memorable works of art, and performing their traditional dances.


Our Sapera Mirror is a talisman created by the Kalbelia as an antidote to the “evil eye.” The mirror reflects ill intent back on the sender, keeping people and animals safe from bad vibes—and allowing them to focus on their daily activities without the distraction of negative energy. Each one is handmade, and features intricate threadwork, tassels, bells, beads and pompoms. When you spend time with the Kalbelia, you’ll see that they place these unique items in their homes, vehicles and even on their clothing.


Our Sapera Mirrors are made exclusively for CRAFT by World Market by Kalbelia artisans who are dedicated to creating beautiful works of art that offer a little boost of positive energy. We think the mirrors are a great addition to any foyer or entryway. Hang one on its own or in a cluster for maximum effect.

Bad vibes, begone!



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