Behind the Design: Karana Mudra Wooden Buddha

Behind the Design: Karana Mudra Wooden Buddha - Discover, a blog by World Market


Behind the Design: Karana Mudra Wooden Buddha detail - Discover, a blog by World Market

What’s a mudra?
Mudras are symbolic hand positions or arm postures expressing a deity’s attitude or characteristic. There are mudras for healing, protection, benevolence, and more.

What is Karana Mudra?
Buddhists believe that Karana Mudra expresses a powerful energy that wards off evil. This piece of decor should be placed in any area of the home that needs a bit of negative energy clearing.

Who designed the Karana Buddha?
Made Karang, a wood worker and award-winning kite maker from Bali, Indonesia, made this piece entirely by hand using a single piece of teak wood. The wood’s color varies greatly from the center to the outer edges of the tree, providing two of the statue’s most unique features: two-tone quality and interlocking woodgrain.

Made Karang received his training from his parents (also Buddhist woodworkers), and after a few years, he developed the special skills involved in carving facial expressions and bodily postures. The process of making the buddhas made him feel especially connected to his father, who passed away a few months before he started crafting the buddhas.

How do you use your decor as talismans or expressions of positive energy in your home? Share with us in the comments below.


  • Lee Quillin

    I wold have loved to by one of the Buddhas but they were sold out when I got the e-mail. I was heart broken .. I lived in Thailand for 5 years and I love to collect Buddhas ..I also wanted the Thai temple peace but it was the same thing sold out when I Got the E-mail from you …so how can we solve this problem? HELP me please!
    Thank you

    • Community Manager

      The Karana Buddha was incredibly popular with our customers, so it sold out quickly! One of the really neat qualities of our CRAFT BY WORLD MARKET products is that they’re available in limited quantities so that artisans we’ve paired up with in developing nations can craft gorgeous products in a way that’s sustainable for us and them.

      The good news is that we’re launching a whole new CRAFT BY WORLD MARKET collection tomorrow! Watch the CRAFT space for unique finds.

  • Ashlie Tamez

    Is this Karana Mudra wooden Buddha still available, may it be ordered at all?
    Thank You, Ashlie Tamez.

    • Community Manager

      Thanks for your interest, Ashlie. Our Karana Mudra Wooden Buddha is completely sold out, but if you want to take a look at other handcrafted items, please browse our CRAFT BY WORLD MARKET collection. And watch this space for October’s CRAFT items–it’s gonna be another great month for one-of-a-kind finds.


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