Behind the Cover: Geometrics in Bloom

We know it’s hard to think about spring right now, but one look at our newest catalog and you’ll be booking spring break trips to Sayulita or planning sun-splashed brunches in no time. The cover is, well…it’s just so us. Our stylist Caitlin Morgenrath describes the new collection as a “worldly spin on the modern black and white palette,” with a soft white that mixes in global patterns with florals. Geometric inspirations from South America, Morocco, India and a bit of southeast Asia make an appearance in kitchen accessories, dinnerware, rugs, and accent pieces.

If you had to describe this collection to someone, what words come to mind?
Graphic and hip. There’s just something incredibly hip about this collection. It feels current and fresh.

The geometric and floral patterns on wooden accessories have a modern feel, don’t they?
Yes, but if you notice, they’re not too modern, and they still take inspiration from something that looks and feels somewhat tribal, which is very World Market.

What are some of your favorite pieces from this catalog?
There are a few ceramic pieces that really drew me in: our black and white square plates and our white organic rimmed plates and platter. The black and white plates are great for dessert and are kind of unusual for our brand. And the white organic plates have this beautiful, clean shape.

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The rugs in this collection are nothing short of WOW…
Our rug buyer Amy Kawamoto continues to do an amazing job of developing very striking rugs. Our recycled chindi rug has a graphic white printed pattern–it’s awesome. And we have other natural fiber rugs that are really fresh updates on our usual assortment.

This collection definitely looks like it’s in bloom!
Yes—”Boulevard in Bloom” is the perfect name for it. The collection is an eclectic blend of modern and bohemian, giving the graphic elements a chance to really shine and be in “full bloom,” so to speak.

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