Beer Glass Buying Guide

Beer, check. Glass, check—or so you thought! Getting the right glass is just as important as bringing home the best brew. Our beer glass buying guide lets you know whether you need a pint, a tulip glass or a good ol’ hefty mug.

Beer Glass Guide For Any Brew

1. Classic Pilsner
Like its slightly taller and leaner cousin, the classic Pilsner glass is perfectly designed for showcasing the glowing tones of the lighter red and golden beers.

2. Tall Pilsner
There’s nothing better than a tall Pilsner glass to show off the color, clarity and effervescence of light colored beers, especially when sipped in the sunshine.

3. Schooner Glass
Also called Goblets, wide-topped Schooner Glasses are designed to maintain the head of the beer. As a bonus their shape is classy and sophisticated.

4. American Pint Glass
With its conical shape and sleek lines the American Pint Glass is preferred by bartenders worldwide for its durability and versatility.

5. Tulip Glass
Aromatic Lambics (tasty soured beers) and IPAs truly bloom in these elegant glasses, the flared shape of which helps with head retention.

6. Beer Mug
The iconic shape of this hefty, spacious mug is derived from centuries-old German beer stein designs which feature a lid to keep out disease-carrying flies.

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