Bathroom Makeover + Tips on Installing New Bath Flooring


The half bathroom off of our master bedroom is small and outdated with peeling, yellow wallpaper and vinyl flooring from the 70’s. Structurally, it needs to remain how it is, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be updated to feel like the master spa of my dreams. With a little paint, new decor and new flooring, the room was completely transformed.



Since this bathroom was completed, there hasn’t been a day that I don’t smile when I walk into this beauty. The bathroom is peaceful and calm, and makes me feel pampered.







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Here are our top five tips when installing new flooring in a small space.

1. Think outside the box. Because this bathroom doesn’t have a shower or tub, we felt comfortable using leftover flooring from our playroom renovation. However, going with a dream flooring could also be a fun splurge because a smaller area will reduce the cost of materials.

2. Talk to an expert at your local hardware store before getting started. It helps to talk things through with someone before making any big decisions. Think: Can the new flooring “float” on top of the existing flooring or does it need to be pulled up? What extra supplies (saw, plastic sheeting, baseboards, the list goes on…) will be required, and how does that fit into the budget? Will it realistically fit into a small space? Will it be okay if the toilet leaks or the sink overflows?

3. Don’t be afraid of removing the toilet. When we originally started this project, we had envisioned cutting the floor to fit around the toilet. But, that is not the ideal way to do things. We almost scrapped the entire project because removing a toilet and installing it again seemed too difficult. But, we did it and, truth be told, it wasn’t that bad at all.

4. Measure twice and cut once. This saying applies to all renovation work, but this was especially important with a limited number of flooring boards. You don’t want all the seams in your new floor to match up, so it is important to vary the lengths and, since this space was tight, we had to make a few extra cuts to even out the spacing.

5. Just go for it! Home renovations are all scary and, most of the time, a pain. But, the results make up for all of it. During the process, you might have to regroup, call a friend for advice, or look up videos on the internet, but it is worth it when everything is said and done.




  • KMP

    In our house the toilet lid is always down: no one accidentally “bottoms out”, dogs can’t drink out of it and yes, I feel like it’s cleaner… and everyone “starts on the same page” cuz fairs fair!

  • Karen

    I would also like to know where you got the towel rack. Thank you!

  • Karen Miller

    I really like the light also! Where did you purchase the light?

  • Karen

    I agree with Soo – unless you are diligent about closing the toilet lid EVERY time you flush, hanging towels right in front of the toilet is not a good idea.

  • Carlene

    Love how the room turned out. Where did you get the shelving in the closet?

  • Soo

    The only adjustment I would make is to look high and low for one of those toilet seat covers that comes down around the edge an inch or so to completely stop any moisture beads from splashing out.

  • Liz

    Love it! I am doing the same thing in an old 1964 bathroom- bad vinyl for sure. What is the flooring you are using? The color is gorgeous. Thanks.

  • Lisa

    Where did you get the towel rack please? Thank you!

    • Tony

      Sub-question, If there’s no tub or shower in this room, why go with such a big towel rack?

      • Tara

        Looks really lovely! But also confused by towel rack with what appear to be bath towels… doesn’t make any sense if no shower or bath.

  • Daal

    Beautiful use of color. I wish there was a pic of old toilet.

    • Kelly

      Thanks Daal, the old toilet is the same toilet. We moved it out of the bathroom to do the floor, and then just moved it back in.

  • Nan

    Very nice! What about the prints? Where did you get them?

  • D. Griffin

    What a difference in between the before and after, be proud of your hard work. My favorite is the floor.


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