Around the World in 8 Wines

Around the World in 8 Wines

Confused about what wine can kick it with Korma? Or what would be tasty with your Tagine? Put down that stemless glass and take a global gustatory adventure with us as we pair our favorite cuisines with the wines that make them shine.

North African food is a masterful mélange of flavors influenced over the centuries by its trade with a multitude of outside cultures. Here, you’ll find fresh Mediterranean flavors, complex, savory Middle Eastern ingredients and a zesty helping of Spanish spice. Pairing wines with Moroccan cuisine is a challenge, but one we gladly accept! Here are our two picks:

Delas Freres Côtes du Rhône
This is a fabulous food wine, and its just light enough to not compete with the weighty flavors of Moroccan cuisine. On its own, it delights the palate with berries, then opens up to reveal complex layers of spice.

Barton & Guestier Vouvray
This French white is made from Chenin Blanc, so it’s got fresh fruit flavors just the right amount of acid to freshen the palate after a rich bite of heavily-spiced Moroccan lamb or salted fish.

Rice, noodles, sushi and lots and lots of fish are the staples in the Japanese diet. Japanese dishes are always beautifully prepared and made from fresh ingredients that pop on the palate. Plus, Japanese fare is as healthy as it is flavorful! Great European wine pairings include Gewurztraminer and Riesling, but the Japanese have their own perfect pairing—sake.

Hana Flavored Sake, Fuji Apple
This is a premium Japanese sake blended with a burst of fruit flavors, and a great entry-level sake for those who may be new to the unique flavors of rice wine.

Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori Coarse Filtered Sake
For a more luxury pour, this sake is brewed carefully with natural spring water from Japan’s Mount Rokko. It’s known for its refreshing aroma, natural sweetness and smooth aftertaste.

Tiny plates. Big flavors. Tapas are taking the rest of the world by storm, and foodies love how passing a series of small plates exposes the palate to a variety of fun flavors. Salt, spices, saffron, seafood, sausage—these are the centerpieces of Spanish cuisine and Spanish wines are the ultimate complement to this fabulous fare.

Segura Viudas Heredad Brut
Make every Spanish meal a celebration with sparkling! We love Spanish sparkling wine, called Cava, for its incredible flavors, big bubbles and amazing affordability. Plus, it transitions effortlessly between heavy and light dishes.

Vidonya Vinho Verde
Ahhh, vivacious Vidonya Vinho Verde! The name translates as “green wine,” a reference to its refreshing flavors as well as its subtle green hue. It’s so lively and bright, and it engages the palate when the food is nicely spiced.

The vast array of beautifully executed vegetable-based dishes make Indian food an exciting, versatile cuisine for a variety of occasions. India is spice central, and with a little exploration anyone can find an Indian dish that delights. You’ll find foods in every region dusted with garam masala, a five-spice blend that typically leads with cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Let’s find some wines that inspire with Indian edibles!

René Barbier Mediterranean White
Its fresh, flowery flavor and low acidity make it both soft and lasting on the palate, and it won’t steal the show when the meal is rich and spicy.

La Crema Pinot Noir
This wine will be more of a partner to Indian cuisine, standing up quite well to layers of flavor. Its trademark earthiness is beautifully balanced by fresh raspberry flavors.

But don’t just take our word for it! Experiment, change it up, try new things. Use our easy guide as a starting point, then embark on your own epicurean wine pairing adventure. You’ll always find something you love!


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