Around the World with Amy K.

Handcrafted. Softness underfoot. Unique yet affordable. These are just a few qualities that people have come to love about our rugs—and we have Amy K. to thank for that! Our intrepid, globe-trotting buyer travels all of over the world doing what she loves most: working with artisans in far-flung places to bring our near-and-dear customers high-quality rugs to adorn our spaces.

During a travel gap, we pinned down and chatted with this true blue explorer about her most recent trip to India.

Talk us through your most recent trip to Jaipur.

I actually travelled through many different Indian regions: Jaipur, New Delhi and Mumbai. Each region is known for its traditional rug weaving techniques. I also sourced new hand block, hand tufted, and handwoven rugs for our Enchanted Garden and Artist’s Cocoon collections, which is always fun because who doesn’t love being inspired by something new and beautiful?

What are you really excited about right now in the world of rugs and in our collections?

I love our rugs from the Outdoor Recycled Plastic Bottle collection, like the Flynn and Morgan. Each rug is woven from yarn and made from recycled plastic bottles, with exclusive designs that are reversible and handwoven. The colors and designs really represent the World Market brand in that they’re bright and incredibly vibrant and fun.

We pride ourselves in working with the most talented artisan communities who make the most unique handcrafted rugs, and for the new collections, you can watch out for block printed rugs made entirely by hand using traditional techniques. We also have hand tufted rugs made with our exclusive designs, and even bolder patterns and colors that still retain a certain softness.

What were some of the highlights of your India trip?

It was incredibly moving to see the locals at morning prayer along the sacred Ganges River. On our way to meet with our different contacts, we would see devotees along the river; we, too, were entranced by their ritual practices.

Let’s talk food! Were a lot of samosas consumed on the trip? 

Samosas in Mumbai are a must. They’re filled with loads of spices and deep fried! It was also refreshing to have fresh coconut milk in the south of India (Kerala), where our natural fiber rugs are hand woven. There’s never enough time to try all of the street food in India!


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  • Patty Stanley

    World Market
    Is it truly Authentic and Affordable?

    The slogan for World market is Unique, Authentic, and always Affordable.
    Does World market live up to its slogan? I think so and then some. The items found at World Market are truly authentic and affordable. They have craftsmen from Peru that make unique baskets every shape and size, handmade rugs from Indonesia, gourmet foods and beverages from all over the world, just to name a few, all at reasonable prices.
    First off if you haven’t already, you need to join the World Market Explorer Program. Even if you only frequent the store a couple times a year. The benefits are top-notch. We all have our little key fobs for just about every store that we shop at. The email programs from other retail locations flood my inbox with 10 or more emails a day. But the rewards program at World Market is different. They don’t flood your inbox daily and they actually reward you for shopping with them. For instance, when you buy 6 bags of coffee you get a one free. World Market has fantastic coffee so that’s a great perk!
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    Are you looking to perk up a room or living space? World Market has a distinctive selection of window coverings, pillows and art that would change the whole appearance of a room without breaking your pocketbook.
    If you have never shopped in a World Market I highly recommend that you go in and browse about for a bit. If you love unique items at exceptional prices, you will not be disappointed. In fact, like me you willed be hooked.

    Kind regards,
    Patty Stanley


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