The Anatomy of Coffee Drinks



Flummoxed about what goes in your favorite coffee? Don’t get steamed! Get coffee-smart with our clever chart and get the buzz on your favorite brews.


  • Big Red

    For all coffee lovers try the Costa Rican T errazu bold and flavorful… Stock up today and save some. $$.. Enjoy..

  • T

    The word coffee is derived from the word Keffa, the place from which coffee originates. Keffa is located in Ethiopia. You might be interested in knowing that arabica beans are in actuality Ethiopian coffee beans.

    You may also be interested in knowing that in Ethiopia, there is a Coffee Ceremony just like in Japan, there is a Tea Cremony


    Coffee has become part of my life…I even work part time as a Batista at a coffee house in my town. When it comes to Coffee I would say that I have become a connoisseur. I’m from NYC..but I live in Florida now…so I know what good coffee is. That’s why I buy my coffee from THE WORLD MARKET.

  • Jane Brown

    You have explained to me why I LOVE coffee SO much with the Anatomy of Coffee. You’ve also reminded me why I buy my coffee beans only at World Market!!!!


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