Amazing Woman: Eileen Fauteux

Before her cancer diagnosis, Eileen Fauteux used to worry about all the things a college student at Virginia Tech worried about, namely making it through final exams in time for Thanksgiving break.

But instead of going home to enjoy the big feast, she spent the holidays in the hospital, where an MRI revealed a tumor. Although surgery successfully removed the tumor, she got word 10 days later that the pathology reports revealed she had Ewing Sarcoma.

Her first reaction was to get out a good cry with her mom, Peggy.  “But we didn’t linger that long in negativity,” Peggy says.

Instead, the amazing Fauteux women refused to let the diagnosis define Eileen’s future. After nine months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation, Eileen put everything she could into seeing the positive out of an unexpected and horrible scenario. She even surprised friends at Virginia Tech by walking the Survivors Lap of the Relay for Life event—a relay they were doing in her honor—and all this after a morning of radiation treatment.

Amazing Woman: Eileen Fauteux - Discover, A World Market Blog

Her own cancer diagnosis has influenced her decision to continue on to graduate school to become a physician’s assistant. “Getting Ewing Sarcoma has made my passion for the medical field that much stronger. I’m excited to be able to get into a white coat and be on the other side of the table—and of course, to give back to people,” she says.

Eileen knows firsthand that Ewing Sarcoma tumors love to come back, but despite the challenges ahead, she is staying optimistic and is determined to make a positive impact on other cancer-survivor warriors.

Amazing Woman: Eileen Fauteux - Discover, A World Market Blog

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  • Dean

    I’m a Cervical Cancer survivor! Been cancer free for 7 years

  • Roxanne Cain

    I am currently going through chemo treatment for breast cancer a word I thought I would never hear. But yet here it is. I’ve had a successful surgery and great support from family and friends and most of all a loving God., who wants only good for me. My tumor was successfully removed and all margins were clear including all lymph nodes my tumor would gave been aggressive thus the chemo. I praise God every day for helping me yo find the tumor on my own and that it was caught at s very early stage of only a stage 1. There are every day miracles and coincidences that God places in our lives . I think had I not found the little pea shaped module while taking a shower and every year having successful mammograms had I not found it another year would have gone by before my next mammogram my cancer could have been much worse. So yes I praise God that that day I washed differently and found my 1 centimeter stage 1 cancer.

  • Vera Ann Jones

    I am a Sarcoma Cancer survivor–after 20 years!! Thanks to God and a wonderful oncologist, many other Drs., Nurses, Hospitals, technology and MD Anderson Cancer Center! With a less than 5 months life expectancy I opted to go the experimental route, even tho no one knew the results—20 yearsAGO!! Took 7 weeks of chemo–staying in the Hospital with my chemo running day and night for a whole week–this went on weekly for 7 Months! My 2 Tumors were in my left thigh and to this day I can’t walk without dragging my leg—but I am alive and just celebrated my 87 Birthday in April! I hate to say this, but I had no help from The American Cancer Society–financially I lost everything–home and resort home, etc! But I am alive!! I drive, live alone and try to stay active! I go to the Cancer Center every 4 months to be checked over by an oncologist! So Never, Never give up!!! If there is a will, there is a way!! Hang in there and have a great Family for support!

  • Lori R Goldstein

    I’m a 24-year leukemia survivor!!! Here’s to all survivors!!

  • Sandra

    Thank you “American Cancer Society”, you were also there for me 8 years ago when I was diagnosed with Breat Cancer.
    Hooray to all the SURVIVORS!
    Blessings to all as well.


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