Up in the Air: 4 DIY Ways to Style Air Plants

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Go light, airy and ultra easy with your indoor greenery using just about anything, from candle lanterns to terrariums. Air plants are a breeze to care for when you’ve got a consistent watering schedule (ie: a 20-minute soak every 3 – 4 weeks), not to mention they’re available in stunning colors (even pink!). They key to making the Tillandsia sing as a home decor statement is to explore all the different sizes and textures, then group them together for a one-of-a-kind botanical bouquet.

Up in the Air: 4 DIY Ways to Style Air Plants - Discover, A World Market Blog

I love the stunning black-tipped spikes of a Tillandsia stricta and the breezy draping of Spanish moss (did I mention that when well taken care of, they flower as well?). Let’s explore adding these beauties to every room of the house in the name of DIY and the pursuit of botanical bliss. These four fresh decor updates are going to change your home in just one day!

Hanging Planter

Turn an outdoor candle lantern into a suspended garden. With just a few craft store materials and some lacy Spanish moss, you’ll be on your way to adding high impact style to any living area or bedroom.

You’ll need:

  • metal lantern
  • leather string
  • metal hook
  • air plants (try playing with Spanish moss)


1. Pull leather strings though lantern holes and tie a knot to secure in place.
2. Loop all four loose ends into a circle and secure with another piece of string, creating a loop.
3. Add a metal hook and hang indoors or out.

07_Hanging Planter Final

Living Wall Tapestry

Looking to (literally) liven up your walls? Turn a macrame wall hanging into a vertical garden by simply pushing a collection of air plants into the mix. On a budget? Try using a macrame table runner to apply this trend in an unexpected way.

You’ll need:


1. Cut a wood dowel into the desired length so that it peeks out slightly from both sides of your tapestry.
2. Nail wall hooks into place.
3. Fold macrame runner over dowel to hang.
4. Poke succulents through desired holes for an always-changing living piece of art!

12_Living Tapestry Final

Table Centerpiece

Crave a quick update to your kitchen or dining table? Turn a salt cellar into a curated work of art. Simply dress up this olive wood container with seagrass rope for a nod to the current coastal design trend and layer on the air plants as desired.

You’ll need:


1. Glue a piece of craft rope around the lid and base of the salt cellar.
2. Add air plants in different sizes and colors for a simple statement piece that can be enjoyed anywhere in the house.

16_Table Accent Final ALT

Glass Jar Terrarium

Don’t let your powder room go greenless! Using glass spice containers, you can create an unexpected terrarium to add freshness to the small space. The cork lids add a delicate texture that complement your natural selections.

You’ll need:


1. Add black river pebbles into the bottom of each glass jar.
2. Arrange natural objects and air plants, and – voila! A stylish look perfect for your bath or powder room.

19_Terrarium DIY Final

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