A Home Baker’s 10 Must-Have Baking Essentials


Although I post frequently about baking, I’ve never shared my favorite tools for getting the job done. Lately I’ve been really digging the mix-and-match bakeware at World Market, and they’re mostly using my color of the moment—mint!

Mint is perfect for springtime, and a great addition to my mostly-white arsenal of plates, bowls, and serving trays. Mint is also an easy to have year-round in the kitchen. (Add a little splash of red and it’s a Christmas-ready color scheme.)

I chose 10 of my favorite baking tools to share with you today, and I’ll tell you a little bit about why I picked each item.


1. Melamine Batter Bowl. Arguably the most used item in my kitchen is my batter bowl. Nearly everything I’m baking takes a turn in this thing. I am particularly fond of this mint bowl because it’s non-breakable, slip resistant, and has a little pouring spout which creates minimal mess.

2. Copper Measuring Cups. My dream kitchen has always included copper bakeware. I started small with these cups and I’ll never look back. The copper is on-trend and these cups are at a great price point.

3. Copper Measuring Spoons. Another affordable item, these measuring spoons were the first thing in the store to catch my eye. I love that they are a bit heavier than most measuring spoons, so they don’t tip on their side when I’m trying to measure out multiple ingredients.

4. Silicone Whisk. I tried to get by without a whisk in my kitchen for too many years. I figure, I have a hand mixer, why not just use one of those beaters? I’ll chalk it up to the fact that I usually *hate* cleaning whisks! This one is silicone, meaning that batter slides right off with water, and it’s dishwasher safe.

5. Cookie Stamp. When making baked goods, it’s truly the little things that make the biggest difference. I was able to find this mint-colored cookie stamp that allows you to add a touch of personalization to your cookies, and is sure to be the talking point of any gathering. If purchasing online, it comes with a matching red stamp that reads “Made With Love”. Photogenic, affordable and personal—this stamp is a kitchen must-have.


6. Joyye Hand Painted Ceramic Muffin Pan. This muffin pan (and matching spoon rest below) helped to add a touch of warmth and classic design to my list of kitchen must-haves. Offsetting the solid-colored dishes and copper accessories, a matching pattern is always a welcome addition to any baking arsenal.


7. Joyye Hand Painted Ceramic Spoon Rest (pictured below). A perfect match with the muffin pan, and pulling in the lovely mint and red of the items listed above, this spoon rest helps pull in a little classic design without competing.


8. Ivory Amelie Cake Stand. If you haven’t noticed by now, my style often involves pairing modern and classic styles to create a dynamic and unique look. This cake stand (available in several sizes) has classic hues while maintaining a clean and modern overall look.

9. Ceramic Egg Crate. There was something that caught my eye with this dish. I’ve never owned a dish specifically for holding eggs, but I will never live without one again. It makes bringing home a new carton exciting and prevents the eggs from getting lost in the refrigerator, and with Easter just passing, it made a perfect display for our lovely decorated eggs.

10. “Donuts” Recipe BookThe real question is why wouldn’t you have this amazing donut cook book in your arsenal? I admit that my guilty pleasure involves buying and keeping every cookbook imaginable, and this was the perfect addition to my growing culinary library.


11. Wood and Glass Pie Sign. Yep, I have a bonus item! I made a specific trip to World Market solely to purchase this sign. It embodies everything that I love about style and products. From the modern glass and clean font, to the rustic wire hanger and distressed wooden frame, this piece can go anywhere in your kitchen.



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