A Cheerful, Spring-Themed Mother’s Day Table

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Like many moms, I get a bit confused on Mother’s Day. Should we be celebrating our own moms, or expecting our kids to celebrate us? Of course the ideal answer, if you are lucky enough to be in the middle of such an equation, is to do both.

When it comes to cooking on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I tend toward the ….. well, I’ll say it, towards the stereotypical. For Father’s Day, I almost always make some kind of ribs, or some other meaty meal, and for Mother’s Day I tend towards lighter fare, with as much of an emphasis on the presentation as the food.  It may be a little conventional, but it’s also happens to be what the lady-folk and the men-folk in my world are in the mood for.

So, call me cliché, I don’t care—but look at this table! Look at this meal!

Keeping to the uber-feminine theme (as Beyonce says – who run the world?; girls!), a cheerfully-flowered tablecloth sets the stage, a great background for my favorite twig flatware (not that I have so many twig flatware sets, but I do love this one). These rimmed ivory plates are my absolute go-to plates for entertaining these days. I also use them to serve. Coral linen napkins and generous wine glasses complete the picture.

Now, dinner.

For the main course, a beautiful and ample salmon fillet topped with an herby crème fraiche sauce is accompanied by a pile of fluffy jasmine rice and some super-sweet sugar snap peas, steamed and tossed with just a bit of olive oil and salt. And to toast mom (and me) a glass of one of the prettiest drinks this side of spring, mixed berry sangria. Hello, spring. Hello, mom.

And for dessert, keep it simple with ice cream, or gelato (mango in this photo).

Mia_mueller-Schoell_Photography_spring 7

One thing that happens when you become a mom (that your mom told you would happen, but you didn’t really listen, because why would you?) is that you realize that when you were little and you asked your mom what she wanted for a present she always said something like “Oh, anything, especially if you make it yourself.” And then when you become a mom, you truly love those crooked paper mache bowls, and those splattery-painted mom mugs more than anything that could ever be bought at a store.

So, maybe this year you might take a couple of hours and paint a mug for your mom, or maybe just write her a note telling her why you think she’s great. Or you could do what I’m doing with my sister, and take your mom to a casino for a couple of hours of nickel slots. Hey, every family needs some common interests, right? Don’t worry, kids—we’ll be back in time for dinner.

Photography credit: Mia Müller-Schöll



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