8 Must-Have Pink Flamingo Decor Pieces



It’s the season of all things fresh and vibrant—so why not get a decor spirit animal of the same feather? The pink flamingo is everywhere this spring and summer, and we know why. These elegant pink birds can balance on one leg, love being social, and have been known to show off their collective displays of preening, stretching, marching, and general awesomeness. Pick up a few flamingo-themed accents and decor pieces, and add verve to your space!

Shop this post: Flamingo Melamine Dinner Plates | Ceramic Flamingo Salt and Pepper Shaker Set | Flamingo 10 Bulb String Lights | Ceramic Flamingo Cookie Jar | 5 x 8 Flamingo Reversible Rug | Tall Iced Tea Flamingo Glasses | Ceramic Flamingo Measuring Spoons | Flamingo Throw Pillow


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