8 Essentials for Your Kitchen Pantry

The kitchen pantry is often one of the messiest areas in the kitchen. Items can be tossed inside and long forgotten about. But with the right essentials, yours can be a place of order and organization. A well-stocked and organized pantry is like money in the bank. When you aren’t constantly searching for items you already have, you are less likely to run out for those last-minute ingredients.


Here are 8 items that are essential to keeping the pantry organized, efficient, and well-stocked!


Glass Containers and Jars

Using glass containers and jars as storage in the pantry helps keep dry goods organized, fresh, and easy to see. Instead of keeping items in the packaging they come in, place them in various sizes and types of glass jars. This allows you to have easy access to the goods, and it also makes the area a little easier on the eyes. The glass canister jars with lids and Weck jars are among my favorite glass jars for use in the pantry!


Lazy Susan

I always make sure to put a Lazy Susan inside my pantry for the items that I use the most. It is so nice to be able to swivel it around to get to some of the hard-to-reach and hard-to-see items in the back.


Baskets are one of my favorite pantry essentials; they are perfect for storing bulk items like potatoes or onions. They also make it easy to gather small items together into one area. Sometimes I place snacks for the kids in a specific basket for quick grab-and-go snacking!


Hanging Hooks

Installing decorative hooks in the pantry really help to keep items off the floor and organized (plus they look nice!). I like to hang items from the door that I use often such as a dust pan and broom, apron, and extra market bags.


Food Staples

What is a pantry, if not to store your favorite food staples? I love to keep certain items in my pantry at all times. Some of those items are dry ingredients, snacks, easy dinner options like pasta and sauces, olive oils, balsamic vinegar, and fancy beverages to serve guests on a moments notice. With good pantry staples you should be able make an entire meal, just from the items in your pantry.


Food On-the-Go Access

As a busy mom, I find that we have to grab and go quite often for snacks or even dinner. I love to keep certain items like a cooler, water bottles, snacks, and drinks ready to-go in case we are headed out to soccer practice, or a picnic at the park.


Step Stool

I didn’t realize how much I needed an easily accessible step stool in the pantry until I finally got one. A step stool has proven to be a much needed find for those hard-to-reach items, and it helps to be able to see all the items you have to avoid unnecessary purchases.


Metal Scoops

Metal scoops make it easy to scoop out the dry goods from your glass jars. By eliminating an extra step, you are much more likely to use the items in your pantry. Simply put, the scoops make cooking and baking easy and convenient.


With just a few essentials, you are on your way to a more organized and efficient pantry, which saves time and money. When all of your items are in their proper place, you know what you have to work with at a moments notice. And the next time dinner time rolls around, and you don’t have a proper plan in place, you can fall back on your staples to whip together a delicious meal in no time!

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    When I visited your store in CA in 2015, I found and bought a delightful two-toned green ceramic pot. I put it on my counter to hold my servicing/cooking utensils, however, it was broken in an unexpected event. I just love that pot. It was approximately 12+” high and about 8″ around. When I was at the store during this purchase, I spent over $200 purchasing dishes from Portugal, the garden collections of bowls and plates and this pot, just went so well with everything I had to purchase that as well. I was in the La Quinta, CA store and had all of this shipped to MA. I’d love to find another one of these pots.


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