8 Bright Accents For Spring


I always update my home with a few new colorful accessories to help usher in the new season. Springtime calls for colorful and bright accents. I’m loving soft blues, greens and yellows this season.

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A new throw pillow and blanket will add splashes of color to the living or family room. This bright and modern lacquer tray in aqua is such a fun way to bring color in as well.

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to reorganize and store heavy winter linens and clothing. Using these colorful bins and baskets will help make cleaning up your closet a bit more fun.

These bright green, jade-inspired pedestals will help your baked goods show off their good side, don’t you think?

And for the outdoors, this unique chair will be quite a statement piece. The jewel-toned glass orbs will also be a perfect complement to your budding garden.

How do you change your home for spring? Are there certain trends or colors you’re enjoying this season?


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