7 Ways to Say ‘Welcome’ in the Entryway

Nina of The HSS Feed lives in an old house. You know—that one house in town that everyone knows about. When she moved in with her family, she set out to infuse her design footprint and personality into every part of the house. Nina started with the entryway, a space that she wanted to look and feel stylish yet intimate. Her seven ways to update and personalize the entryway are listed after the jump!


Entryway Decor via The HSS Feed - Discover, a blog by World Market


1. Personalize with monogramed decor. As far as Nina’s concerned, the more monograms, the better!

2. Choose a chair that will work hard for your entry. “It’s another opportunity to add color and function,” says Nina.

3. Add pops of color with something like a terrarium, which you can fill with greens or flowers or a creative little moment.

4. Show your personality with meaningful art or something that simply puts a smile on your face.

5. Display family photos in unique frames to honor those who live in the home and the memories created throughout the years.

6. Light the way with kid-friendly LED candles. They’re easy to turn on and off, too!

7. Have that one decorative piece that reminds you of your travels or the natural world: a conch shell or an agate stone that brings back memories of your last beach trip.


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