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When my husband and I found out we are expecting a baby this fall, we knew we had to move my home office from our spare room to make space for a nursery. However, the only room that was empty was the front room in our home, originally intended to be a formal living room. Not only does this room not have doors, but it is the first room guests see when they walk in the door, which meant that we needed all the help we could get to keep this space clean and organized.


Here are my storage must-haves to help keep the sea of papers, mound of mail and abundance of office supplies neatly put away. These functional and stylish solutions are perfect for creating an organized home office, especially when you don’t have doors to hide a mess behind.


2-Level Tray

A tray sitting on on a countertop works perfectly to catch and store important papers that need attention, such as school papers that need to be signed or client project files being used on a daily basis. A two-level tray works well to distinguish between the different types of paperwork so that paper is less likely to get lost or thrown away. I personally love the industrial style of this tray; not only is it functional, but it looks like a piece of decor sitting out on the counter.



Hardware Bin Lazy Susan

In keeping with the industrial vibe, a hardware bin lazy susan makes for a really fun, easy, and clean solution to store your most used and best-looking office supplies. From twine to washi tape, everything will have a designated spot and supplies are always organized and easy to grab.


Table for a Printer

The printer is a necessary but clunky piece of equipment in a home office that can be tricky to hide. A fun solution is to use an end table to store your printer under your desk. The printer can be placed on one shelf and extra paper on the top of the end table. If necessary, you can even pull the table out and have extra work space. It is a good looking solution that allows for easy access to the printer while keeping it out of sight to visitors when it’s not in use.



Wire Baskets

Mail clutter was a huge problem in the past in my home. Even when we request to go paperless, we still mail thanking us for going paperless! With busy daily schedules it is hard to stay on top of sorting the mail, but fortunately, wire baskets make for an easy organization system.

Labeling each wire basket (“file”, “shred” and “recycle”) allows you to easily and quickly assign the paper to its appropriate basket. Using smaller baskets forces you to clear them out on a regular basis and keeps clutter at bay.



Mail Holder

A stylish mail holder placed in a location in your home where you walk by often is a great place to store time-sensitive mail, bills that need to be paid or outgoing mail. We have one sitting on the front of the desk in our home office so that we never lose a bill in the mound of mail we get and can easily grab the mail that needs to go out as we walk out the door.



Pencil Cup

Why is it that pens are always laying around the house, but when the time comes that you actually need to use one, you can’t find one anywhere? A pencil holder on our desk easily solves this problem. Note: not all pencil holders are created equal. I love the size and vintage-industrial appearance of this pencil cup; as you can see, it’s large enough to hold my extensive colored marker and Sharpie collection.



Trash Can

A trash can in a home office is a must. This oversized metal trash can looks more like an industrial decor piece rather than a can for storing garbage.



Having a home office be the first room guests see when they walk in the door seemed a little intimidating to us at first, but we are pleased with how easy it has been to keep our office organized just by incorporating these industrial-style storage pieces. No matter where your work space is, you can have the organized office of your dreams and easily control the clutter with just a few must-have storage pieces.




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