7 Easter Party Essentials: Kids’ Egg Hunt Edition

Get the party hopping with Easter egg hunt activities and crafts for the young and young at heart! Our Felt Easter Eggs are a fun twist on the traditional egg dyeing activity (and are a lot less messy, too!) and even the littlest of hunters and hoppers can enjoy expressing themselves with Egg-shaped Chalk in springtime pastel hues. Our favorite of the bunch—err, basket—is the Easter Rabbit Cracker. You simply pull one end of the cracker with a friend until it snaps with a cracking sound; each cracker has a toy you can race along the included game board.

(S)hop to it and get our must-have party essentials and Easter decor before the big hunt!

7 Easter Party Essentials: Kids' Egg Hunt Edition - Discover, A World Market Blog


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