6 Ways to Maximize a Small Outdoor Space


Turning your cozy balcony or backyard into a space for dining, lounging and entertaining without the help of a pro is tricky, but it isn’t impossible. Of course, it’s nice to get the help of a landscape designer or decorator for bigger projects, but you can also maximize your small outdoor space on your own, affordably and strategically. Here are a few tips on getting the most out of your small space.

Perk up!

Ditch anything drab and reach for colorful and cheerful additions like splashy outdoor rugs and throw pillows and vibrant entertaining essentials that reflect the bounty and natural colors of the outdoors.

Make friends with space-saving furniture

Make the most of every inch with space-saving, portable furniture. We’re talking folding chairs and bistro tables, lightweight stools and chairs, and multifunctional outdoor dining sets that can be moved around with ease or reconfigured depending on your needs and how many guests you’re entertaining. As with indoor spaces, choose furniture that won’t overwhelm your small outdoor space.

Have plenty of greenery

Put your green thumb to use and make sure that your outdoor area looks lush and alive with foliage. If you’re working with a small balcony, fill your space with potted plants, terrariums and flowers, and create a sense of verdant abundance.

Anchor your space with a motif

Whether it’s tropical flowers or citrus hues and fruits, retro pink flamingos or laid-back Hamptons cool, pull the space together with a clearly-defined motif. Pick colors that complement each other, and themes that work to create a unified space.

Cozy it up with lights and special additions

Cafe lights, string lights, wind chimes, retro accents, and personal tokens that show your personality lend a cozy look to a small space. Lights strewn throughout the space and glowing candles at dusk create a relaxed and intimate ambiance.

Decorate up!

Don’t have much surface area to work with? No problem. Just decorate up! Think vertical instead of horizontal, and place artwork, accents, potted plants and terrariums, and other decor pieces on shelves or a vertical wall to guide the eyes upward and create the illusion of ample space.


  • B Buyalos

    I purchased two of your outdoor patio rugs which barely made it thru the summer
    Faded very fast and fell apart
    It was a total waste of money
    B. Buyalos

  • Teresa Ansani

    I loved this article on decorating tips! Absolutely wonderful! I do not live near a World Market anymore; however, when I am in their area, I always check out the store, have my favorite items I like to purchase that are exclusive to World Market! Please keep the decorating tips with pictures coming; good marketing, good tips, keeps your store fresh in memory! Teresa
    P.S. I find the store attendants to always be friendly and helpful too!

  • Randy Dodge

    Really enjoyed your blog. Great ideas for townhomes, and patio homes/apartments. Thanks for the inspiration.


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