6 Ways to Maximize Your Small Space

Celebrity interior designer and television host Genevieve Gorder shares tips on living the big life of your dreams—even within the confines of a small space. From coaxing the eye towards the sky to creating the illusion of spaciousness with rugs and layers, she’s got big, space-changing ideas for you to consider.

1. Think vertical
From oversized plants and potted trees to vertical bookshelves, the name of the game is to lead the eye towards the sky to create a sense of spaciousness and keep the eye moving from one moment to the next without staying stuck on one plane.


2. Make friends with illusion-making decor 
Mirrors and other reflective surfaces create a sense of lightness throughout the small space.


3. Stick to regular proportions
Skip small-scale furniture and go for regular-proportioned items, like this no-arm sofa, which gives more access to each part of the room.


4. Layer!
Place a small decorative rug on top of an oversized rug to trick the eye into thinking that the room is larger than it actually is.


5. Vary your lighting
From table lamps to floor lamps, wall sconces to tabletop candles, bounce light throughout the room with the help of  diverse light sources.



6. Think multipurpose
Bring home end tables that can be used as footstools or ottomans, or sofas that turn into a convenient and comfortable bed for guests.




  • Judy L.

    I love the uniqueness and feel of this room. Really like the idea of using taller items.

  • Judy L.

    I really like the ideas presented and the unique uniqueness of this room. Love the idea of using taller items.

  • Isabella

    I live in a 400 sf carriage house. I have not seen any tips for a one room space.

  • irma

    Love the bookcases are they from World Market?

  • Marliene

    Too many different textures and the room looks very busy to me, a lot of things to take in.
    As I’ve matured I have gotten rid of lots of stuff and feel better in an uncluttered space.

  • Lee

    Well put together, you can change out pillows for you favorite colors. She has brought a lot of textures, patterns and colors to make this a relaxing and interesting space!! Great job!!

  • Kathrine

    This room still looks too busy for me. A monochromatic approach could make the room look more open.

  • Ali

    Can’t you move the couch close to the back wall between the book cases to open up more of the floor? The bookcases can also double as end tables. Just a thought, I am not a designer.

  • michele

    keeping things airy also gives the illusion of space. notice the bookshelves are not crammed full and furniture stands off the floor with legs. just another way to keep the eye moving thereby tricking the mind to think the space is bigger than it actully is.

  • Teresa

    I like a couch that has arm rests. This couch does not look comfortable and same with side chairs. The rest of the furniture is ok.

  • gary williams

    where are the yellows good color for a small space!

  • Always Learning

    these are great ideas for a friend that lives in a small loft that has huge ceilings and overly tall walls.

  • susan e

    i love this room!!!

    i am going to TRY and re create!


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