6 Rug Trends To Try At Home

Sifting through prints, patterns and palettes isn’t easy—that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you! Work your way through these inspiring trends and see how you can incorporate your favorites into your own space.

6 Rug Trends to Try at Home - Discover, a blog by World Market


Rugs made of reclaimed materials have a certain allure that other rugs simply don’t have. Ross Urwin, a judge at the 2015 Carpet Design Awards, points out that the once-used materials have a unique, handmade touch that can be felt, and that the story and passion behind the creation is ultimately passed on.

TIP: Up the interest of a room with a rug that tells a story. This Kelden Area Rug is made of recycled saris and other apparel, and adds a bright, textured look to any space.


6 Rug Trends to Try at Home - Discover, a blog by World Market


The color sages at Pantone made it unanimously clear that 2015 is all about two particular shades of blue: Classic Blue and Scuba Blue. These shades evoke a certain decadence and luxury, as well as calming qualities we associate with travel and escape.

TIP: To add depth to any decor, layer blue rugs with shades of deep purple, and if you’re feeling especially daring, pair with black.


6 Rug Trends to Try at Home - Discover, a blog by World Market


Inventive, painterly rugs make looking down a delight.  From abstracts to florals and sun-splashed designs, striking rug designs can easily be your singular decor statement piece.

TIP: Adding a burst of energy and verve, bold, painterly rugs make a great fit for rooms with sleek, contemporary furniture.


6 Rug Trends to Try at Home - Discover, a blog by World Market


Considered by many as superior to machine-made rugs, hand knotted rugs are hand crafted by skilled artisans and bear slight differences from one another, making each piece truly unique. Secured with its own knot, each strand in a hand knotted rug is extremely durable.

TIP: The quality of dyes is important when considering hand knotted rugs. Opt for rugs made with non-toxic dyes from vegetables and fruits.


6 Rug Trends to Try at Home - Discover, a blog by World Market


The simple addition of a geometric area rug can transform the energy of a room. From rugs with subtle geometric borders to large-scale or repeating designs, geometrics really amp up a room’s ability to take shape.

TIP: If you’re not sure about committing your entire floor space to a certain geometric print, get your feet wet with a smaller geometric surface area, like a rug border accent.


6 Rug Trends to Try at Home - Discover, a blog by World Market


Sustainable materials like jute, hemp and sisal add warmth and an air of casual elegance to any room.  At home in a variety of different decor settings, natural fiber rugs often have neutral color ways that are great foundations to build from when layering different patterns, weaves and colors.

TIP:  Natural fiber rugs and wood floors = a match made in decor heaven.




  • loretta

    My sofa and chair are covered in a paisley print. Would a solid color rug look best with it.

    • rosiliana wilder

      I love paisley and always have. I have a rust colored couch and a very colorful paisley ottoman. I have a side chair in a flax color (oatmeal). As much as I love color, I am looking for a solid color area rug that will compliment both the couch and the ottoman. I think you too will need to go with a solid color and make it a plush rug to give the room some real texture. Pick out one of the colors that stand out the most in your paisley pattern. Take pictures of the pattern so you can use them when you shop for a rug.

  • yvonne

    yes, I agree with Linda Alice. Thank you for taking the time to acquire and share this information. Saris made into rugs! Who would have thought! Interesting! Great to know the use-ability of each design.

  • LindaAlice

    Thank you for the helpful information. I will soon be purchasing rugs for my new (first) home and your tips will definitely aid in my choices.


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