6 Los Muertos Decor & Food Picks

Celebrated by Mexicans all over the world, Dia de Los Muertos falls on November 1st and is a time to celebrate the life and death of one’s ancestors and honor the legacy of deceased friends and family. With roots in the Aztec belief system and the Catholic customs of Mexico’s Spanish colonists, the Dia de Los Muertos altar is where symbols of vitality, pagan and Catholic imagery, and one’s own personal tastes converge in one big, colorful scene.

Take a gander at our picks and learn more about their significance on one’s Day of the Dead altar.

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1. Los Muertos Wood Ornaments 

Festive fall decor, wood ornaments, wall hangings, melamine and ceramic plates, and other objects that honor the dead and symbolize his or her personality help Day of the Dead altars come to life.

2. Fudge Skeleton 

Offerings of chocolate, oranges, rice, and other tasty savories are a way to greet the arrival of one’s deceased ancestors; the offerings depend on what was once preferred by the deceased.

3. Los Muertos Nutcrackers, Set of 2

This artist and cowboy pair would make a great offering at an altar for a deceased couple. Place them at the Los Muertos altar and keep them around through Christmas for an eclectic touch to your holiday decor.

4. Los Muertos Taper Candles

Widely believed to be a nod to the Star of Bethlehem that led the three kings to baby Jesus, lit candles and lanterns adorn the altar space to help guide the dead “back home.”

5. Los Muertos Skull Candles

Seen as representations of one’s deceased friends and family, decor and edible skulls or calaveras are often placed throughout the altar to celebrate and honor those who have passed on.

6. Sugar Skulls Candy Tin, Set of 6

Before chomping on hard candy, take time to notice the beautiful tin design of Mexico’s most spirited holiday. The vibrant colors of each tin remind us all that life is to be celebrated, one sweet day at a time.


Create your own spirited altar and bring home vibrant, artfully-made Dia de Los Muertos decor and food



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