5 Work-From-Home Must-Haves

wk24_home_office_blog_post The work-from-home arrangement has its undeniable perks (I can’t remember the last time I “did” my hair in the morning), but in my eight years of at-home employment I have discovered a few things that make it that much better.

1. Fancy Robe: Work-from-home articles always suggest “getting dressed every morning, just like you would if you were going to an office.” This is total bunk. Putting on pumps negates the whole purpose of working from home to begin with! However, I did find that schlumping around in my jammies until noon does dampen my energy level. That’s why I picked up one of these so I could feel oh-so-fancy.

2. Comfy Couch: I live in a small space so my couch is my office. Fortunately, I have a Luxe Sofa that more than lives up to its name. It is so plush that it actually inspires me to work longer than I did when I sat at a small-space desk. Plus, I can swap out the slipcover if I spill my coffee. Sofa-sitting may not work for everyone, but I do great with my laptop actually on my lap.

3. Patio Furniture: I love, love, love my cheerful Cadiz Mosaic Table. I have a very small patio, but I still like to pop out for my daily dose of Vitamin D. I pour myself a cold bevvie and sit there for a few minutes every few hours to decompress. Because, you know, things get pretty stressful over there on the couch.

4. Snacks: You gotta feed the beast. I use snacks to keep going when I am saddled with a technical project that is more “filling out forms” than “fulfilling my wildest dreams.” Hey, work is just like that sometimes, so I like to stock up on World Market® Mango Slices and Salt and Lime Cashews to keep me going. When I finish something particularly daunting, I reward myself with World Market® Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels.

5. Coffee, Coffee, Tea, Coffee: Did I mention coffee? Tea is good, too, but coffee. I buy the World Market® Moka Java Blend, and use my Explorer rewards to earn coffee credits for free bags. To chill out after a long day of setting the world on fire, I steep a bag of World Market® Chamomile Herbal Tea to relax.

Here’s to your continued success as a stay-at-home worker! Is there anything you can’t work without?

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