5 Ways to Use Runners Around the Home

5 Ways to Use Runners Around the Home - Discover, a blog by World Market


Affordable, soft underfoot, and visually impactful, runners are one of our favorite pieces of decor. Runners can be switched around the house for maximum use, and can often provide just the right amount of interest and pattern in a quiet corner. As if you needed any more reasons to get yourself a few, here are our suggestions on using these gorgeous underfoot pieces around the home.

Soft Landings in the Bedroom

Getting out of bed is so much easier when there’s something plush and warm underfoot to soften the soles’ landing. Bookend your bed with runners on both sides, or if your bed is flush against the wall, place a runner on one side of the bed and create a soft landing for your feet when you rise (or go for a nighttime bathroom break).

Pattern and Pop in the Kitchen

A low-pile patterned rug in the kitchen helps to visually break up the kitchen floor. Add pop by the kitchen sink with a vibrant runner design and make washing dishes and prepping meals a more enjoyable affair. Make sure to use rug pads so the runner stays in place when you’re going from sink to island to refrigerator!

Surprise in Unexpected Spaces

Whether it’s in your walk-in closet, a narrow hallway leading to the man cave, or right by your claw foot tub, placing a runner in any of these spaces creates an element of surprise while adding charm and personality. So if you’ve got room in the bathroom to add a runner, ditch the bath mat and reach for a runner that shows you’re ready to take your bathroom to the next level of style.

Defining Areas in Larger Rooms

When it comes to rugs, the only steadfast rule is to break the rules! In a larger room where it’s important to define smaller spaces within the larger expanse, runners can help break up large wood flooring or carpeting, especially when the runner coordinates with other area rugs in the room.

Hallway Flow

We’ve never met a hallway that couldn’t use the anchoring of a runner. Help lead the eye (and guests) to a focal point and create a pleasing flow from door-to-room with a runner that gives a space direction and movement.



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