5 ways to spruce up your space


Spruce Up Your Space via Lauren Mcbride - Discover, a blog by World Market

Create a statement corner
Lauren McBride indulged her inner boho-chic spirit by creating a bohemian corner in her living room. Choice pieces like a gray rattan wingback chair, hyacinth stool and an oversized Moroccan wedding pouf set the scene for a worldly yet accessible look.


Spruce Up Your Space via Ella Claire Inspired - Discover, a blog by World Market

Ring in a new season with romance
Eager to say goodbye to summer and welcome fall, Ella Claire simply fell in love with the neutral tones and romantic spirit of a few accent pieces. Rustic vases in a wooden carrier, a French bistro table and an apothecary jar candle give the blogger’s living room a quick and uplifting update. “My hydrangeas and lavender are in full bloom, so I grabbed a bunch to fill the adorable little bottles,” says Ella Claire.


Spruce Up YOur Space via Celebrations At Home - Discover, a blog by World Market

Add decorative accents that show your personality
In need of another terrarium vessel, Chris from Celebrations at Home simply filled a hanging candle holder with air plants and stones, and then later decided to place the vessel on its side. She says a good way to let your personal style come out is to consider using items in unexpected ways. Another one of her tried and tested tips: More is more! When it came to her animal wire head forms, it was all about the grouping.  She chose the rhino and the antelope and staggered them on the wall for impact.


Spruce Up Your Space via Atta Girl Says - discover, a blog by World Market

Bring home that one piece you’ve had your eye on for awhile
Amy of Atta Girl Says finally got that one piece she had been eyeing for a long time—she even drove three hours just to pick up the rug from the store! “I needed the 9″ x 12″ rug because our room is really big, and normally extended sizers are only available through online order. But by sheer serendipity, the Wilmington, N.C., store had the size and color I needed in stock,” says Amy. In addition to her new favorite rug, she also picked up pieces that made her smile and showcased accents that she truly loves.


Spruce Up Your Space va Honeybear Lane - Discover, a blog by World Market

Look to the color wheel for inspiration
From faux blooms to throw pillows, ceramic vessels to photo frames, Heidi from Honeybear Lane infused her living room with zest by way of color. Coral and orange, to be exact. The vibrant hues complement her blue rug and accent pieces, and uplift her otherwise neutral furniture. Heidi says that color can really complete the look of your home, “but it doesn’t have to be over the top.”

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  • Nancy Hill

    I really like the use of the hanging candle holder as a terrarium…it is something I could actually do.

    Some of the other ideas are neat, but not all ones that I can adapt to my situation.

    Thanks for sharing such inspirational blogs!


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