5 Tricks for Styling a Small Living Room


We all have the one room in our home that we just haven’t gotten around to decorating yet. For most people, it’s the master bedroom or the basement or the den, but in my house it’s my living room – the first space people see when they walk through the door. We’ve remodeled our kitchen, the family room and even our daughter’s bedroom, but for some reason this area kept getting neglected.

I think part of the reason is because it’s such a small space and I’ve always wanted to do a major overhaul, including moving walls, getting a new front door and replacing all of the flooring downstairs. However, since that is going to take a bit longer than I’d like, I decided I needed to give it a design refresh in the meantime – and I’m so glad I finally did!

Here’s a peek at what it looked like before the makeover:

liviing room before 2[1]

And this is what it looks like now:

Living Room After the Honeycomb Home (full room shot)[1]

It’s like night and day! I adore how it turned out. One of my main objectives in designing this space was to make it look and feel larger than it actually is. There are some handy tricks to doing this. Here are my 5 favorite styling ideas for small spaces that I used in this room.

Style Trick #1: Raise the Roof

Make the ceilings appear higher. Using living room furniture that is low to the ground will create the illusion of higher ceilings, thus making the space feel much larger than it is! Also, keep the furniture to scale of the space you are working with. I used the Chesterfield Sofa and a pair of matching chairs, and kept them pulled away from the walls.

The Honeycomb Home (glass table and chairs) 2

Style Trick #2: Mirror Image

Mirrors are the oldest trick in the book for good reason – they work every time. Hang mirrors perpendicular or parallel to windows to reflect light and further brighten up the space. I added the Jute Framed Mirror above my vintage fireplace, which also brings texture into the living room.

Small Spaces Makeover THH (mirror over Fireplace)[1]

Style Trick #3: Clear Results

Using glass, lucite or any type of transparent furniture lets the eye travel and makes your space feel larger. This glass Lorelei Accent Table does just that.

The Honeycomb Home (glass table and chairs)

Style Trick #4: Explore Storage

Add storage (and reduce clutter). Regardless of the size of a room, we all could use more storage space. We tend to fill up whatever space we have, don’t we? I used the Cameron Console Table as my TV stand. The console table has drawers for storage and I added Macrame Baskets underneath for extra living room stashing options.

The Honeycomb Home (TV photo)

Style Trick #5: Multi-Taskers

Go for multi-functional furniture. In my living room I featured two Tribal Wood Carved End Tables as my coffee table instead of a more traditional coffee table. This way, they can be moved around easily as needed. These tables also have an open design, making the space feel a little airier.

Using these five styling tricks for small spaces has really opened up my living room and made it feel much larger than it actually is!

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  • Heather @ Beyond the Aisle

    Love this! The layout of the room is very similar to my own townhouse.

  • Glenda Miller

    Hi: Overall, you’ve done a great job: love the many textures and it looks like a comfy place to gather. The fireplace, to me, is the one piece a bit out of kilter. I think it needs to have a bit deeper profile, not difficult to do, and ‘come out from the wall a bit more. And the white brick could be a darker colour…….as tho’ one is looking into a deeper space.

  • Aarsun Woods

    This is so beautiful !!! Love the chairs .Thanks for sharing

  • Samantha

    What is the name of the lamp on the lorelei accent table? Love it!

  • Amy

    Excellent! Just beautifully done.
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your new room!

  • Tami

    Love it!! I’m inspired to style my small keeping room now!

  • Arlene

    The seat arrangement opens up the space, but this makes watching TV uncomfortable. How can this issue be remedied in a small living room without compromising the feeling of openness?

    • Gale

      I agree with your comment on the TV placement. Your neck would hurt after a short time. It does seem many people watch less than they used to but I watch in the evenings a lot. I did notice that was the same in the original room as well.

  • Alison Burke

    I like the original room better. The new room seems forced. A room trying to be something it’s not.


    I love it

  • Diana V

    Loving it, the space saving storage idea. Neutrals with color accent, and the change of sofa giving a single line along the curtain wall lengthens the room. Those high back chair are great idea.The neutral color hanging lamps raise the ceiling while leaving the floor space for accents pieces. And last, the fireplace as a focus point, with the mirror above that gives the illusion of another room. My ideas are flowing again for a most needed make over in a very small space. Thanks for sharing.

  • Christie Groves

    I love this as well, so inspiring as I have gone the same route with colors, just need a new couch and chairs. I am so going to steel the Faux Fireplace idea. Hearts & Stars ~ Christie

    • Diana V

      If not in budget now. How about sofa and chair make over by the purchase of a new cover that are in so many colors now. And they come loose and fitted. And if it’s a good solid piece consider professional upholstery in the future.

  • Alyson

    Absolutely beautiful. I love the mixture of neutrals & some fun pink! Really well done!

  • Jolene

    This is so gorgeous! The fireplace is so my favorite part!

  • Vicki and Jenn 2 Bees in a Pod

    This transformation is like night and day! Love the console and the fab chairs!

  • Amanda @SincerelyMarieDesigns

    Beautiful makeover! I don’t know what I love more the console or those adorable chairs!

  • Jennifer Z

    Wow! What an amazing transformation. Love the chairs and end tables!


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