5 Things You Need to Know About the Made in Kenya Collection



Each piece is handcrafted.
Every. Single. One.

It’s fair trade, y’all.
Each artisan from Kenya who had a hand at making the jewelry and accessories from this collection was justly compensated and continuous to work in a safe and sustainable environment.

Environmentally sound.
Materials for this statement-making collection were sourced locally and from within the vicinity of the Made workshop; recycled materials were used whenever possible.

Traditional craftsmanship meets modern style.
Made pieces are an amalgam of jewelry-making techniques handed down through generations and the design savvy of highly-skilled craftsmen and women.

Ki-Swahili names.
Kenya’s national language is Ki-Swahili, and the names of some of its products are Ki-Swahili names. Kenya’s lingua franca has some words with roots in Hindi and Urdu—who’d have thunk it?

Snap up these gorgeous pieces while you can! 


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