5 Style Tips for a Small Home Office


My home office is just 54 square feet – quite tiny – and I need the space to be multipurpose for office work, crafting, and storage. There were stacks of clutter everywhere and I was using it as a makeshift storage closet instead of its intended purpose. With the help of World Market’s Small Spaces Guide, I completely transformed the workspace. During the makeover process, I discovered 5 tips for increasing efficiency and elevating the style of my less-than-spacious home office.

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Tip 1: Furniture that Fits

The first step is finding perfectly-sized furniture that fits well in your space. You want the pieces to be functional but also pleasing to the eye. I chose three main pieces to set the mood for the rest of the office space. The modern and contemporary look of the new fall Herringbone Wood Wayde Desk and Bookshelf is the design I was going for. These pieces feature a herringbone pattern, sleek lines, and an antique brass metal frame. The open design of the bookshelf is perfect for storage. The third piece of furniture I picked was a pair of clear armchairs. These two chairs have a fresh modern design and are comfy to sit in while working at the desk, or for reading.

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Tip 2: Organization is Key

Organization is vital in any space, especially a small home office. Arrange the items you use most in a tidy and easily accessible manner. A file holderpencil cupletter holder and paper tray are definite must-haves when it comes to formulating a productive work environment. These gold and marble accents also add sophisticated flair to your desktop. 

Tip 3: Storage with Style

One of the best things about doing a complete makeover is purging the items that you don’t need or want anymore. Once you’ve decluttered the office, it is important to find storage for the items you want to keep. Wall storage is a great way to maximize space and also add a touch of style. I displayed my ribbons in the wire bins. I also love using boxes and baskets for hiding items I don’t want visible.

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Tip 4:  Form and Function

Your home office space needs to flow and be practical. I placed the the desk in front of the window for natural light and a view. The bookshelf is positioned against the wall next to the desk, which makes it simple to quickly grab items I need while working. Everything has a place and purpose and is easy to use.

Tip 5: Show Off Your Personality 

Finally, bring your own personal style into the room. I love mixing vintage pieces with modern furniture. This desk lamp is new but has a turn-of-the-century feel to it. I love the colors, textures, and pom pom accents on the chair pillow.  candles and vases also add pops of color and design to the space. I think my favorite part of this small office space makeover is the rug. It adds character and ties the whole room together.

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