5 Steps to a DIY Herb Garden

With spring on the way, an indoor herb garden brimming with fresh greenery that smells amazing and tastes even better when cooked in favorite dishes sounds like heaven to us. Combine that with the fact that it brings an element of eye-catching style, and we’re definitely sold!

This clever DIY project, using a cute spice rack as a frame, creates a lush look inside and offers a fun way to display your herb garden. The best part? You can get it done in just 5 simple steps.


What you’ll need for your DIY herb garden:

  • Spice Rack
  • Gardening Tools
  • Soil (preferably for vegetables)
  • Herb seeds of your choice
  • Watering Can
  • Grass Paper or Liner (can be found at your local hardware store or nursery)
  • Something to mark what your herbs are (we used popsicle sticks to add some color)

WorldMarket_DIY_Herb_Garden (13)

Step 1: Cut two long strips of grass paper to fit the long part of the spice rack. We wrapped ours around like a taco and will let the soil and seeds be the filling, this way nothing will drop out of the bottom of the spice rack.

WorldMarket_DIY_Herb_Garden (14)

Step 2: Cut four smaller squares to line each side of the spice rack. Now your spice rack is ready to add the fun stuff!

WorldMarket_DIY_Herb_Garden (1)

WorldMarket_DIY_Herb_Garden (4)

Step 3: Add soil to both compartments. Do not overflow as you still need to add seeds and water.

Step 4: Add seeds. Be sure to space far enough apart. Cover with another layer of dirt and pat down.

WorldMarket_DIY_Herb_Garden (9)

Step 5: Place your markers to show what herb is going to grow where and lightly water. Now hang or place the spice rack on the counter or window sill and wait for your fresh herbs to grow!

WorldMarket_DIY_Herb_Garden (10)

Bonus DIY Idea!

Another version of this concept can be done using a fruit basket. We love the idea of hanging the herb garden like a tiered planter for an extra dash of lush green in the kitchen.


We’re always sprouting great green DIY ideas! Check out this tutorial on creating your own terrarium or our guide to styling your space with plants.



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