5 Simple Things You Can Do on Earth Day

Can your small acts make a world of difference? We think so, but we understand how thinking long and hard about your impact on the world can feel pretty daunting. That’s why we’ve gathered a few simple and meaningful actions to get you started this Earth Day. Who knows? You might just establish a few good habits for treading lightly on Mother Earth, every day of the year.

5 Simple Things You Can Do on Earth Day - Discover, A World Market Blog

Turn off the lights

Reduce your carbon footprint by turning off the lights when you leave a room. Doing this can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 0.15 pounds per hour. And while you’re at it, slay energy vampires—looking at you, cellphone chargers—by unplugging electronic devices and appliances that you don’t switch on often. Make a romantic evening out of it: Get out some candles, gaze at the moon, and hopefully enjoy a night sky that’s markedly less affected by light pollution.

5 Simple Things You Can Do on Earth Day - Discover, A World Market Blog

Reduce your water usage

We know how calming it is to hear the water running each time you brush your teeth. We get it. But you’re doing something good for Mother Earth every time you turn the water off while you’re brushing your teeth in the morning and before bedtime; doing this can save up to 200 gallons a month, which according to the EPA, is enough to fill a tank that holds six sharks. Ditto for turning off the water when you’re doing the dishes!

5 Simple Things You Can Do on Earth Day - Discover, A World Market Blog

Leave your car at home

It might not be feasible to permanently swap your car for your bike—or feet—but if you can cut down on your car usage even one day a week, or one day a month, you could do your part in curbing air pollution caused by your work or errand commute. If you can stay off the road just one day a week, you’ll reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 795 pounds per year. Walk to the farmers’ market or ride your bike to work, school and the grocery store, and save gas and burn calories while you’re at it.

5 Simple Things You Can Do on Earth Day - Discover, A World Market Blog

Reuse, reuse, reuse!

We’ve all been there. You know, that moment when you’re at the grocery checkout and you’ve bought a few small items which could easily be stowed in a reusable market tote—but—you left your reusable bag in the car and it would take five extra minutes to get it…and oh, the embarrassment! Take it from us: Your goods aren’t going anywhere, and the people in line behind you will live with the five minute delay. Politely refuse the plastic bag or paper bag being offered to you at an extra cost and ask the cashier to set aside your items as you retrieve your reusable tote bag and do your part in reducing plastic bag usage and consumption. (Get inspired by these grab-and-go tote bags.)

5 Simple Things You Can Do on Earth Day - Discover, A World Market Blog

Plant something 

Every time you buy something, energy goes into bringing that product to you. If you have a backyard, consider planting a tree, and if you can’t do it yourself, you can donate here or here and these organizations will plant the tree for you. As you may already know, trees remove carbon from the atmosphere and reduce greenhouse gas effects, all while giving us the precious clean air we breathe. Even a table surface in a small apartment or home can help you make a difference. Plant herbs you often buy at the store, like basil, oregano, thyme, parsley and mint. If you’ve got room in the bedroom or living room, plant a small container garden or a potted tree and improve the air quality around you.


  • Sunsign

    If you find yourself without your customary reusable bags, take the plastic ones home and resolve to reuse them. One good way is to stow them with your reusable bags, take them to the supermarket and fill them, even the ones from the produce department, until they’re really unusable. Using those bags only once is a shame. Try to think of other plastic bags you can reuse, like the ones newspapers now com in. You can always use them for shoe bags when you travel!

  • Selva

    Serve in your plate only what you can eat . Restaurants and other businesses should donate the food that was left over at the end of the day to institution that feed homeless.

  • Felicia

    This is an obvious point but instead of slowing down the folks in line behind you at the store, ask the cashier not to bag your purchase and to instead place them directly in your cart. I often do this if I forget my bags in my vehicle as it’s totally guilt-free–no slow down with the exception of bagging your own purchases in the parking lot–considering your cart was likely going to make the trek with you anyway.

  • Sharron

    Providing information gives people a chance to make an informed choice. It doesn’t tell people what to do.

  • Mary

    Actually, I think you did a pretty good job of pointed out environmentally-friendly ideas along with your products.

  • Terry

    I do wish more people in my area would ride their bikes to the store…there is shopping within easy distances of many housing developments, but my area is very much dominated by the car/drive-everywhere culture. And there aren’t any bike lanes, so one must all but take her life in her hands to ride down the busier streets (If people couldn’t see a skirt and a ponytail I might have been run over by now). But this won’t change unless/until the community gets together and demands that it does.

    • Sweatpea

      Be careful out there! When I rode my bike in Los Angeles I found a vest that was the color of construction cones (bright orange) and still found it scary!!!

    • dk

      Bicycling can be dangerous in other ways. Shopping at multiple stores without a trunk to put things in leaves one vulnerable to zealous anti-theft policies as one carries purchased goods in and out of multiple stores. Common store policies have no sympathy for bicyclists and pedestrians.

  • Tonia Brow

    It would have been nice if you’d mentioned eating less (or no) meat. Animal agriculture is a huge waste of natural resources & is very harmful to our planet!

    • Judie Lincer

      Excellent point. Eating less meat (much, much less) helps our planet in many ways!

    • Angelique Gettle

      Yes. You’ve made the best point.

    • Marty

      Why don’t you worry about what YOU eat and stop telling ppl what to do.

    • Jackie Kirkpatrick

      It is amazing to find that meat consumption is the leading factor contributing to global warming.

    • dk

      Very good point. With a hamburger requiring 600 gallons of water to produce (including fodder) and a gallon of mink requiring 1000 gallons, this is terrible excess. Yes, we can try to save water in our homes, but as domestic water usage is only about 5% of CA water usage, this will not solve the problem. Our water bills subsidize cheap water to agribusiness which is largely used to produce fodder much of which is then sold abroad.

  • Anne

    I was hoping to find rainforest friendly coffee at World Market! Do you sell any shade grown or environmentally minded coffees? I’d like to help save the rainforest and animal habitats.

    • Terry

      I buy mine from Vienna Coffee Company in Tennessee. I like the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe best, but they have several shade-grown/organic/fair-trade varieties to choose from. You can even order a sample pack of 7 2oz. bags to see what you like.

    • Mary

      Yes. “Direct Trade” is not the same as “fair trade” which supports native growers and the environment.

  • Christy Sledge

    I have been using bags for a while now. Learned to make them, so I can wash them. Great plan for our earth. If everyone took just one of your five suggestions, it would help so much.

  • Jennnnn

    Your market bags are beautiful! I will grab one and it will make shopping more pleasant. All those plastic bags are driving me crazy!!! Let’s all do our part!

  • Susan

    Thank you, will try to be more mindful of the environment.if each one of us did just one thing we could make a tremendous impact on the world!!!!
    Save the earth today for tomorrow’s children.

  • Patty johnson

    Thank you for the helpful tips. Always a great reminder to keep our earth green! Love your bags!


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