5 Reasons Why You’re Going to Love Cooking with a Tagine

The traditional earthenware tagine is both a cooking tool and the serving dish, which makes serving slow-cooked meals oh-so-simple. Designed centuries ago by nomadic desert tribes for cooking over embers, the tagine’s basic form has remained unchanged for one obvious reason: it works. It retains heat and moisture and allows the flavors of all of your ingredients to co-mingle. And with our quick tips, it’s easy to take your tagine skills to the next level.

5 Reasons You're Going to Love a Tagine - Discover, a blog by World Market

1. The Tagine is a wonderful method of slow cooking and is great at self-basting meats. They can be used on the stove top (with a heat diffuser) or the oven, and traditionally feature protein, rice, fruit and warm spices like cinnamon, cardamom and turmeric.

2. Your Tagine will keep your meal warm for hours. You can slow cook your meal on your schedule and keep it warm without lifting a finger until your guests arrive.

3. Tagines are as beautiful as they are practical. A well-made tagine is a work of art. Find the tagine that expresses your personality, and you’ll have cookware that’s a joy to use and a delight to display.

4. Tagines in different sizes can cook different meals. Use a large one for a chicken-and-rice dish; find a smaller one to cook your morning oatmeal. Tagines come in an array of sizes for different uses.

5. Tagines—because they were crafted for use in the desert—retain moisture. This is important because you won’t have to add additional liquid or fats to your dish for it to be moist and delicious. Just add your ingredients and spices, turn up the heat and get back to your day. In a few hours you’ll have a healthy meal.

Take it from us, Tagine cooking is a uniquely delicious way to spend a day. Treat yourself to a tagine that complements your decor or give one as a gift to the kitchen ninja in your life. 




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