5 Reasons Why Craft Beer Is Unique

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Small Batch, Big Taste

Craft brewers consider it a challenge to make their small-batch beer as unique as possible. Experimentation with interesting ingredients and combinations like chocolate, bananas, cucumber and even seaweed means craft beer is anything but the watery stuff on tap you get at your neighborhood dive or supermarket.

Craft Beer = More Alcohol

Beer from big companies usually just have 2.5% abv (alcohol by volume). Compare this to 5-40% abv (Yes, that’s right—40%!) in some craft beers.

Craft Beer is Healthy

Move over red wine. Research has shown that craft beer is a rich source of silica, which is linked to bone health, and a Tufts University study showed that subjects who drank craft beer daily and in moderation had higher bone density than those who did not drink craft beer. In addition to bone health, researchers are also purporting that craft beer can decrease LDL (bad cholesterol), decrease the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, and block carcinogens from forming (hello, craft beer marinade!).

Craft Beer Goes Well With Food

IPA makes a great pairing with beef briskets, lamb and fried chicken; dry stouts go well with hearty steaks, meat pies and raw oysters. And go ahead and serve that Amber Ale with dulce de leche or banana pound cake! (Click here to see a great Craft Beer and Food Pairing chart.)

You Can Make Craft Beer!

It’s not that difficult to make a Hefeweizen Craft Brew or American Pale Ale Brew; these kits have everything you need to make a gallon of the good stuff–right in your own kitchen. Just store the beer in something like these amber bottles and who knows? You might just tap into the craft brewer in you.


What are your favorite craft beer flavors? Let us know in the comments section below!

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