5 Reasons to Love Our Scented Candles

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gratitude gift or bringing one home for a pamper-me day, you’re going to love our assortment of scented jar candles and filled candles from all over the world. As if you needed any, here are five reasons to love our fragrant finds.


1. Lead-free wicks. These beautiful filled candles are not only incredibly fragrant; each one also happens to have lead-free wicks. Candles with lead-core wicks release as much as five times the amount of lead considered hazardous for kids. If you haven’t switched to candles with lead-free wicks, switch now.

2. Bye-bye, mosquitoes. Scented with citronella, our citronella candles do double the work by naturally repelling mosquitoes and other insects, and throwing the refreshing scent of citronella all over your designated space.

3. On-the-go scents. Our travel candle tins are not just ready-to-gift, they’re also ready to travel the world with you.

4. All about soy. Our selection of soy candles are scented with essential oils and made from soybeans, which means they don’t increase the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. The bonus? Soy candles burn 50% longer than regular candles, making them worth every penny.

5. All-day burn—and then some! Here’s an interesting fact: some of our fragrant candles have a burn time of 32 hours, making them ideal room fresheners when you’re entertaining guests or simply enjoying a relaxing night at home.


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