5 Living Room Decorating Tips to Steal From This Catalog Shot

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This gorgeous living room shot was created by none other than our in-house stylist, Caitlin. It’s like she read our minds and put together a room that has a bit of everything we love about beautiful yet lived-in spaces: a well-composed gallery wall, throw pillows to die for, print-on-print styling (without being overkill), and accent pieces that are warm and wooden and shiny and metallic—and yet, everything works together to create a gorgeous whole.

Thankfully, Caitlin’s decorating ideas are entirely for the taking. Here are five ideas worth stealing.

1. Combine shapes. Two of Caitlin’s favorite accent tables are the hairpin nesting coffee tables. She purposely styled the seemingly opposing combination of shapes to produce complementary silhouettes. The warmth of wood and the industrial effect of the tables’ borders and legs add a cozy appeal to the space.

2. Start with a simple and clean foundation. There are a lot of patterns in this living room, but they work well together because of the white walls, the light floor and the beige couch. “Even though the shag rug has a very colorful border, it’s primarily white,” Caitlin says.

3. Pattern-on-pattern will work if they share a commonality. In this case, the different patterns on the arm chair, throw pillows and even some of the artwork are all grounded in black and white; color is actually the accent here.

4. Don’t be afraid of thoughtful negative space. Here, Caitlin created an additional wall that stands off of the back wall—which anyone can do at home—in order to dedicate a specific space for the art to “rest.” Don’t be afraid of unevenly grouping elements together as long as there is visual balance.

5. Mix elements with confidence! Wall frames, art, tile plaques, a mirror, wooden wall hangings, and a floating shelf commingle in this living room’s gallery wall. The varied collection of pieces amp up the eclectic nature of the space.


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