5 Common Curtain-Hanging Mistakes to Avoid

5 Curtain Hanging Mistakes to Avoid - Discover, a blog by World Market

Have Pets? Avoid the Puddle Hang
Unless you’re positively sure that your prized kitty or furry friend won’t paw, gnaw, or create their own puddle on your “puddled” curtain, best not to tempt pets with pools of fabric.

Low-Hanging Curtains
Hang your curtain hardware at the ceiling to create the illusion of space. This is especially important in small spaces, where you want to evoke a sense of vertical spaciousness.

Using Only “Kid-Friendly” Curtains in the Kids’ Rooms
Think it’s too soon to use black, dark gray or opaque velvet curtains in your kids’ bedrooms? We don’t think so. Darker, moodier curtains help anchor colorful, vibrant rooms—and they do a great job at blocking out sunlight, which means the kids tend to sleep-in for a few more minutes in the morning!

Skipping the Steamer or Iron
We’re guilty of this one, too, but we just want to point out that your curtains won’t iron themselves. They also won’t magically get unwrinkled after a few days or weeks and will continue to look messy and unpolished if you don’t iron or steam them before you hang them. (This rule doesn’t apply to crinkle voile curtains, obviously.)

Hardware as an Afterthought
Prioritize your choice of curtain styles and fabrics, but don’t forget about the hardware. Think about how your choice of curtain rod and finial pair with your curtains, and pay close attention to how heavy your curtain fabric is to make sure the rod can support the curtain.


Clueless when it comes to measuring your window area for curtains? Check out our handy guide and consider our three simple approaches! 

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